USA: Los Angeles County will again require masks in closed spaces due to the increase in coronavirus cases.


The authorities reinforce health security measures to contain the high spread of the Delta variant. The measure will go into effect over the weekend and will remain until daily infection balances improve.

Faced with the alarming increase in coronavirus cases due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant, Los Angeles County will again require the use of masks in closed public spaces.

We are not here where we need to put millions of people in Los Angeles County at risk of infection, and it will be too late for us to wait to do something when we see that Dr. Muntu Davis  told reporters Thursday. Told.

This measure will take effect from 11:59 pm next Saturday. According to the US, the official indicated there would be some exceptions. Still, the order will be similar to the one in force before the reopening of the state of California on June 15.

The doctor, meanwhile, warned that the rule would remain in place until we see an improvement in community transmission balance.

Davis said that the use of masks in closed spaces is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus without interrupting businesses and shops' operations and thus avoid many people having to stop working.

However, he clarified that if the situation is not reversed, the authorities will not hesitate to apply new measures to avoid a further outbreak: "Anything is on the table if things continue to get worse, and that is why we want to act now."

Los Angeles County, the most populous country, registered an alarming increase in coronavirus cases in recent days. According to data provided this Wednesday, the county reported an average of 1,077 new cases each day in the last week. According to data compiled by the Los Angeles Times, this represents a 261% increase over the previous two weeks. This Thursday, Davis reported 1,537 new daily cases.

In the wake of the strong spread of the Delta bypass, other state counties are also urging residents to take extra precautions. This week, Sacramento and Yolo County health authorities called for masks in closed public places. However, neither of them has made it mandatory so far.

Olivia Kasirye, Sacramento County Public Health Officer, said that "the dramatic increase in cases concerns, as is the number of people who choose not to get vaccinated."

"Our best protection against COVID-19 continues to be the vaccine. We urge all eligible residents to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their family and friends," he said in a statement.

The California Department of Public Health, for its part, has expressed support for local health departments, such as Los Angeles County, to adopt tougher policies based on their community circumstances.

Although mandatory use of masks is free as residents are vaccinated, county officials reiterated that the vaccine remains the best protection against the corona virus, even more so when strengthening the delta's diversity. There is a risk of regrowth.

In a statement sent to the Los Angeles Times, health officials said, "We urge all eligible people to be vaccinated against polio, as this is the most important thing we can do to stop the spread of the virus."

This week the top White House epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, indicated that in counties where coronavirus rates are currently the highest, there is a direct correlation with the fact that the vast majority of residents are not vaccinated: "More 99% of the people who died from COVID-related causes in June were not vaccinated. "

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), explained that the increase in the Delta variant, which originated in late 2020 in India, means that "we are seeing an increase in hospitalizations and deaths among unvaccinated people." Along these lines, it reported that more than 99% of all deaths from COVID-19 in June occurred among unvaccinated people.

"About a third of Americans are not fully vaccinated and vulnerable to the Delta variant. Our fight against this virus is not over, "said President Joe Biden during a press conference last week.