Vaccine Passport, a new gateway for travellers or an ethical dilemma

Since vaccine roll-out has begun its time to think about rebuilding the travel and tourism industry


Since the start of vaccine rollout, a debate to have or not a vaccine passport mandatory for travellers once again started. First thing first, it’s not over yet, whenever it's about time people get relaxed on masking and related protocols, the virus strikes again. It’s the third mutation that the world has faced and every time it brings new challenges. Having said that doesn’t eliminate the need to rebuild upon tourism and travel industry.

The travel industry is abuzz with an expectation of a great come back. A vaccine passport does give an edge with some relaxation especially on 10 days of mandatory quarantine. Vaccine passports will likely come in the form of an app on your Smartphone, that stores your vaccination record and protects your private information. QR scan based mobile app gives you quick immigration and validate custom officials about you being vaccinated safe passenger allow to travel freely.

Some countries already signalled that they may require proof of full vaccination for entry. While most of the news has been overwhelmingly positive, it’s true that a vaccine passport requirement comes with some serious ethical burden. What about people who think being fully vaccinated and holding a vaccine passport means they can abandon all masking protocols and return to a free and open world? Is this the case?

The good news is as per President Joe Biden, we have enough vaccine to cover all adults and instructed to made vaccine available for every American. However, due to the recent mutation of the virus experts are agree upon COVID-19 vaccinations to be on the Flu model. As flu changes every year according to the season and weather conditions of that part of the world. The vaccine gets tweaked to reflect new strains. People who want a flu vaccine must revisit each year to keep themselves completely covered.

Any vaccine passport in development needs built-in adaptability for these potential scenarios. The truth is that the vaccine rollout is in its infancy. Before we know for sure how long a vaccination will keep you well, we still have a lot of data to collect. And whether the fully vaccinated can spread the disease to the unvaccinated remains to be seen.