Val Kilmer touches Cannes. Rise, fall, and redemption of a star:


 The actor presented his documentary, in which he shows his past and his delicate present.

Val Kilmer returned to the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday with a bitter-tasting documentary, reviewing his successful career in Hollywood before his decline and finally cancer that deprived him of his voice. Well, out of competition and produced by Amazon, is a lovely image from its archives. Although the 61-year-old American actor was not present at Cannes, his sons Jack and Mercedes attended the presentation.

Due to his throat operation, Val Kilmer cannot speak correctly. Still, he participates in "Top Gun: Maverick, "the second part of the film that made him famous and which will be released soon. 

Directed by Leo Scott and Ting Poo, the documentary portrays him as a non-existent figure who, in turn, showed up to sign autographs at a promotion convention, as he confessed. So what is "my old self"?

Upon learning of his illness, Kilmer kept the matter private and virtually disappeared from the Hollywood scene.

With a bloated appearance from medication and treatments and with a mechanical voice - according to the description given by The New York Times -, the famous actor tries to confront his demons in the documentary that leads the viewers of Cannes.

Variety - the magazine described by the industry as the "bible" itself - described the work as a "sincere portrait, which captures the talent, intelligence and the gift of self-sabotage of Kilmer." Although his critic adds that Kilmer now looks like a "broken relic of himself ."

The film is based on the artist's videos, who has lived with a camera since his childhood, mainly showing unpublished scenes from his shootings, including some of his greatest hits such as "Tombstone," "The Doors," and "Batman Forever."

One of them shows a discussion between Kilmer and director John Frankenheimer on "The Island of Doctor Moreau" (1996). This fiasco marked the beginning of his decline in film.

The documentary nevertheless neglects its supposedly irritable character.

Directors avoid talking about certain aspects (...) that would be interesting to talk about, such as their reputation as a difficult actor with directors, "pointed out the special magazine Screen Daily. , Who at the same time decided that the film shows its "delicacy" in a "moving" way.

Joanne Whalley, his ex-wife, is a British actress who took him to court twice.

In his bitter and touted divorce - carried out while Kilmer was dating model Cindy Crawford - he was accused of having relationships with a pizza waitress and not providing the minimum resources for his children, according to the DailyMail newspaper.

Cancer has taken a terrible toll on the 61-year-old actor. As a result, some of his interventions in Val are subtitled, as his voice is too husky to be easily understood by the audience, adding drama to the documentary. At other times, his son Jack acts as an interpreter to narrate his father's words.

"I have lived a magical life," remarks Kilmer, who made multiple videos both at home and on the movie sets in which he participated throughout his fruitful career. Val Kilmer was the youngest student to enter the prestigious Gilliard School in New York.

Yet, despite his ambition to shoot auteur films, he mainly acted in blockbusters and later in onerous flops.