Vatican: Gender Theory Is Trying to Destroy Nature 

source: Pixabay

The Vatican released a new document Monday to oppose the modern conceptions of gender identity. The 31-page teaching guidance entitled "Male and Female He Created Them," pointing out there is an educational crisis.

According to the Vatican's education ministry that is in charge for the official line for Roman Catholic educational institutions, the ongoing debate on gender aims to destabilize the family institution and to "annihilate the concept of nature.''

The document went on saying that the process of identifying sexual identity is getting more difficult by the newly-implemented notions such as "gender neutral" and "third gender."

In the Vatican's view, these non-binary gender identities are based on nothing but "a confused understanding of freedom in the sphere of feelings and wishes."

It is worth mentioning that Pope Francis did not sign the document, but it contains quotes from his previous speeches and teachings as well as those from his predecessors.

That is the first Vatican's official paper on gender theory.  The Congregation for Catholic Education authored it to instruct Catholic educators how to address the controversial topic in line with Church teaching.

The LGBTQ community which celebrates the Pride Month in June criticized the document. Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, an organization that is defending the rights of the Catholic LGBTQ community called it a ''disrespectful statement."

Jason Steidl, a theology professor at Fordham University, did not doubt that Pope Francis approved the document. According to Steidl, the Pope has been refusing dialogue with academics on the topic for years. In Steidl's view, the Catholic Church tends to blame gender ideology for numerous societal issues nowadays.

Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, which is making ongoing attempts to build bridges between the LGBTQ Catholics and the Church, said that the document misrepresented the lives of LGBTQ people and could encourage hate and violence against them.

DeBernardo went further saying that the newly-issued document has cemented the conservatives view of the Vatican on gender and sexuality in the contemporary world. Moreover, the Church remains in the dark ages, added DeBernardo highlighting that the Vatican promotes false teaching based on myths and rumors.

Stan "J.R." Zerkowski, executive director of the Kentucky-based Fortunate Families, another organization trying to connect LGBTQ community and the Church, expressed a slightly different view from his peers.

In his opinion, the document is a step forward in the right direction as it opens the doors for dialogue and communication.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose the Vatican's statement that the gender theory is trying to destabilize the family institution?