Venezuela's main opposition party leader has resigned from the interim government

The interim government is not achieving its goal, says Julio Borges, the US foreign minister in a US-backed interim government, calling it "corrupt."


Julio Borges, who serves as foreign minister in Venezuela's US-backed interim government, said he would resign on Sunday, weakening the opposition a few weeks ago in regional elections.

The United States and many other countries see interim government, led by Juan Guaidó and established in early 2019, and view the 2018 re-election of Social Welfare President Nicolás Maduro as fraud.

The interim government does not achieve its goal, Borges, best known for his disagreement with Guaidó, at an online news conference.

“The (temporary) government makes sense as a tool to get out of dictatorship. But in the meantime, in our view, the interim government is corrupt, ”Borges said.

"Instead of being a tool to fight dictatorship, the interi m go vernment has be come a kind ... class," he said.

Borges lives in Bogota, the capital of neigh boring Colom bia, where he has sought political asylum after Maduro's government accused him of being part of a conspiracy against the president.

He is a member of the First Justice party, one of the four main opposition groups and is part of the Guaido coalition at the national conference.

The First Justice or Guaido office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Borges said he would resign from his post during a legal meeting on Tuesday and that the interim government should "disappear."

It should only work to manage overseas state assets such as the U.S.-based Citgo Petroleum Corp, and its political structure must be restructured, he added.

Internal divisions and delayed coalition agreements between opposition parties are seen by analysts and other opposition members as one of the main causes of losses in local and regional elections in November, when opposition parties defeated only three of the 23 leaders.

Maduro said on state television that former Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza would be a member of the ruling party in the January by-elections in the state of Barinas.

The Supreme Court of Justice has ordered a n ew vote due to racial tensions and withdrew former opposition spokesman Freddy Superlano, citing pending investigations against him.

Opponents support Superlano's wife, Aurora Silva.