Victoria Buchanan, A Teacher And Mother Of 3, Dies After Swallowing Bag Of Cocaine At Airport

Victoria Buchanan used to do cocaine for fun with her husband, Mark, but her love for the recreational drug led to her demise. Her family is still mourning.

source: Facebook

A tragic incident has left three children without a mother, as a teacher swallowed a bag of cocaine in an attempt to sneak it through airport security.

According to reports, the British woman, 42-year-old Victoria Buchanan was awaiting her departure in the airport's lounge, when she realized that she still had a small bag of cocaine on her.

Not wanting to let it go to waste by throwing it away, she chose to swallow the bag.

All was fine until some time later when the bag ruptured inside her stomach, leading to an emergency for the woman.

Witnesses initially assumed that she was having an allergic reaction or a stroke, and she was immediately transported to a hospital where she passed away later on.

The Manchester Evening News reports: "Onlookers thought she was intoxicated, but then she started having a fit and [an] off duty nurse searched through her handbag and called her husband who told her an EpiPen was in her bag as she had had previous reactions to palm oil."

The March incident occurred in Manchester, and the woman was heading to Dubai.

The death has been described as tragic by many, and the woman's husband was also distraught by the incident.

He admitted to occasionally partaking in taking cocaine with his wife but claimed that everything was within reasonable limits.

Many have pointed out that throwing the bag away would have been a smarter decision, given the delicate nature of extracting it after it has passed through the body, even if this is done successfully.

At this point, though, these are somewhat empty words, given that nothing can be changed in the family's situation.

The woman's husband,  Mark Buchanan, has refused to comment further other than to confirm that his wife had a minor cocaine habit.

He stated: "We were aware she would take small amounts of cocaine occasionally and it was something we did together. I had left the UK a few days before — not a lot was left, not that that matters now."

Surprisingly, there have been very few mocking comments online, with most people merely expressing their condolences to the grieving family instead.

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