Video: a Thai model was brutally attacked in the New York subway.


Video: a Thai model was brutally attacked in the New York subway.

A video recorded the moment when 23-year-old Bew Jirajariyawetch was assaulted and assaulted. The police are still looking for the thief.

A 23-year-old Thai woman named Bew Jirajariyawetch, who recently immigrated to the United States, was identified as the victim of an assault and robbery on the New York subway.

"I'm glad I'm still alive," said the young aspiring model in a conversation with The New York Post in which she recounted the traumatic assault that took place on November 22 and that left her "bloodied and bruised."

The young woman said that she was waiting for the train in a Manhattan station when a strange man approached her from behind and surprisingly covered her nose, mouth, and eyes to "make sure she couldn't make any noise." "He dragged me where no one could see. He hit me. He took my bag, "he added.

The assault was recorded on security cameras, which show when the attacker knocked down Jirajariyawetch and hit her repeatedly. While on the ground, the assailant allegedly touched her private parts before running off with her bag.

After the attack, the young woman was taken to a hospital where her injuries were treated. Shortly after, a photo shows his face covered in bruises and dried blood accumulating under his nose and near his mouth.

The authorities also published images that show the suspect entering the subway, jumping one of the turnstiles that charge the passage, and walking through a little-traveled area of ​​the facilities, looking for a victim. But the assailant has not yet been identified, and no arrests have been made.

"Please help catch this individual because absolutely no one should face such a situation," asked the model. "I don't want this to happen to anyone else."

"Justice must be done, and steps must be taken to protect the rights of those who are disproportionately victims of violence and are often legally underrepresented," the victim's attorney, Eric Parnes, said in a statement.

The attack on the young Thai woman is the latest in a series of attacks that occurred recently in New York. According to police, 60 severe crime cases were reported the week before the Jirajariyawetch assault, almost double the 33 written during the same period the previous year.

There is also a 27% increase in severe assaults in the metro compared to 2019 figures. While two years ago, the figure was 313 assaults; 408 assaults have been reported so far this year.

By 2021 the city has also been the epicenter of increased violence against the Asian population, with 128 hate crimes against people of Asian descent reported on November 28 by the New York Police Department. During the same period in 2020, there were fewer than 30 cases.