Video Shows Student Samantha Josephson As She Enters Car Of Alleged Murderer Nathaniel David Rowland

A video showed Samantha Josephson entering of the car of the alleged suspect, Nathaniel David Rowland, in the murder case that has rocked an entire community.

Video Shows Student Samantha Josephson As She Enters Car Of Alleged Murderer Nathaniel David Rowland620
source: Radar Online

The chilling story of the murder of a South Carolina student was captured by a surveillance camera near the scene where the 21-year-old woman, Samantha Josephson, was kidnapped.

According to reports, the student was waiting for an Uber ride and mistook an incoming car for the one she was supposed to get into.

Afterward, the driver took her to a different area where he killed her and dumped her body.

Details about the case are still coming out, and police have been reluctant to share more information about the death of the girl.

An arrest has already been made -- authorities have apprehended Nathaniel David Rowland after setting up a search for him.

The alleged killer was identified by his vehicle, and authorities claim that he attempted to escape officers when he was confronted but was captured shortly after.

The man is now facing charges for kidnapping and murder, although he does not seem to have any plans to defend himself at the moment.

Josephson’s mother, Marci, reacted to the different charges by saying: "It sickens us to think that his face was the last thing that my baby girl saw on this Earth. Does he even know her name? He should never be given the right to walk free again for what he did to my daughter, or given the opportunity to hurt anybody else. My daughter’s name was Samantha Josephson. Don’t ever forget her name. Samantha Josephson. Shame on him."

Many have expressed their condolences for the girl’s family, while others have commented on the disgusting nature of the murder.

Not much is known about Rowland at this point, and it is not clear if police are going to release any additional information about the murder in the near future.

Some are still questioning how the driver knew to arrive at the location where the girl was expecting an Uber ride, but others have pointed out that it could be a pure coincidence and that the girl was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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