Video: the moment when the murderer of a child tries to steal the gun from one of the policemen interrogating him.


Terrel Rhodes confessed to killing two-year-old Amari Nicholson, who was the son of his sentimental partner. During the interrogation, he tried to shoot one of the officers who questioned him.

The security cameras of an interrogation room captured when Terrell Rhodes pounced on the pistol of one of the Las Vegas police detectives who entered to question him, triggering an intense confrontation of the officers with the suspect. At the same time, they tried to snatch the gun from him.

Rhodes was taken to questioning after being found a suspect in the murder of Amari Nicholson, a two-year-old boy, and minutes before taking the detective's gun; he had confessed the responsibility of the crime and drawn a map for the authorities to find the body of the less.

The video shows Rhodes with one of his hands cuffed on the table, screaming and lamenting, and he is notoriously shaken. Everything you go through next is swift.

To try to calm him down, the detectives enter the room. They are two, a man and a woman. The man approaches from behind and tries to contain his agitated movements. In contrast, the detective comes him a little head-on, across the table.

Rhodes then decides to jump for the murder detective Opal Deeds' gun. Although he manages to take it, her and the other detective's reaction is immediate. They both jump on top of him and try to reduce him while repeatedly telling him to "drop the gun" as he makes "everything worse."

The detective testified in front of the grand jury that she heard Rhodes say that he wanted to kill someone during the fight and that the gun was pointed at her and another detective.

Other officers also entered the room and participated in the struggle to disarm Rhodes, who appeared to be immobilized after a few minutes.

The day after the events - May 12 - investigators found Amari's body near Paradise Road and Twain Avenue in Las Vegas, where Rhodes had indicated the day before.

The detective team collected photos for the jury as evidence, one of which shows the boy buried in his pajamas on his feet. Others offer the precise location where the minor's body was found a week after his disappearance. The video and map are included in the evidence presented to the grand jury.

Rhodes, 27, faces one count of first-degree murder in the boy's death, as well as two counts of attempted murder for taking the officer's gun. He also faces four counts of assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon and four counts of resisting a police officer using a firearm.

Amari's mother reported her missing on May 5 after Rhodes, her boyfriend, said the boy had been abducted by a family member by the biological father. "What's disgusting is that people are making assumptions thinking that I had something to do with it, that I manipulated it in some way," Rhodes said in the first interview with detectives.

Police determined that Rhodes' story was not true, and a search for the boy was launched. The man confessed on May 11 and was arrested.

According to police, Rhodes admitted to hitting the boy several times after the boy urinated on himself. He said the boy turned blue and purple and stopped breathing.

The mother was out of town helping a family member. Prosecutors are weighing whether to demand the death penalty in the case. Rhodes' next court date is June 25.

Regarding the incident in the interrogation room, the president of the Las Vegas Police Protection Association, Steve Frammas, said in a statement: "Here is a suspect who has just confessed to the murder of a 2-year-old boy, he took a firearm from an officer and is still alive today to defend his charges. Police officers do everything possible to preserve life. Even the life of a cruel murderer. This also shows how far suspects are willing to go when faced with their crimes. Our officers moved quickly and controlled the suspect's movements to disarm him. "