Vladimir Putin is responsible for all actions taken by the Russian state, the NATO secretary-general stressed.

source: tellerreport.com

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, states that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for Russia's aggressive actions, including political assassinations.

As he stressed during a press conference in Brussels on the eve of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, the Alliance condemned Russia's behavior. It recalled the violation of international law and the dispersal of peaceful demonstrations.

Stoltenberg said of course, President putin is ultimately responsible for all actions that are performed in the Russian state, and we have seen aggressive behavior, assassination of opponents and involving efforts.

He also added that the Alliance is concerned about reports that Russia is promising rewards for the killings of NATO personnel in Afghanistan. Stoltenberg considers such actions of the Russian Federation unacceptable.

According to him, the foreign ministers of the member states and the partner countries - Finland and Sweden - will consider the issue of relations with Russia. Stoltenberg stressed, Russia is suppressing peaceful dissidents in the country and showing offensive behavior abroad.

He clarified that we are talking about Russian cyberattacks, attempts to interfere in elections, and undermine democracy in Western countries.

Simultaneously, the Alliance Secretary-General noted that NATO continues to adhere to a two-pronged approach in relations with Russia - strong deterrence and defense combined with meaningful dialogue, including on arms control issues.

The Secretary-General also noted that relations between NATO and Russia have been complex for a specific time since it violates international law, uses military forces against Ukraine and Georgia, and is also responsible for aggressive actions against NATO countries (cyber interference in the internal processes of member countries).

Biden's harsh statement about Putin:

Recall that US President Joe Biden agreed with the assertion that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a murderer. He said this in an interview with ABC News TV channel.

In January, the President of the United States noted that during a telephone conversation, he warned the President of the Russian Federation about the adoption of potential response measures in response to Russian interference in the American elections.

At the same time, the presenter asked if Biden considered the Russian President a murderer.

After some deliberation, the President of the United States agreed with this statement. "Mmm, yeah," Biden said.

In response, Putin suggested that Biden conduct an open dialogue.