Voters Attack President Donald Trump On Social Media Over Smaller Tax Refunds -- Will That Affect 2020?

Trump is accused of scamming people with Tax Cuts and Job Act, IRS reports show smaller refunds and some voters have taken to social media to complain.

Voters Attack President Donald Trump On Social Media Over Smaller Tax Refunds -- Will That Affect 2020?355
source: NBC News

The Trump administration is very proud and likes to brag about the roaring economy and the fact that the tax cuts it supported in 2017 helped things move forward.

However, the reality is much more nuanced, and some people are starting to be angry after doing their taxes.

After the IRS published data regarding this year’s tax returns, it became clear that most people are getting less than last year.

This came as a surprise to many who expected an improvement in their situation thanks to President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act.

Back when the act was signed into law, many were given the impression that it would result in lower taxes for the working class while equalizing the situation across the board.

Now that it has become apparent that it is not the case, many have expressed their disappointment at Trump and have lashed out at the president on social media.

The number of critical comments keeps growing on a steady basis, and it looks like there is much discontent among people of all political persuasions.

The timing of these developments is not exactly optimal, given Trump’s plans to run for a second term in 2020.

Many have already started to express doubts that the current president is going to get the same kind of positive attention as he did in 2016 from members of the middle class, especially in light of some recent developments around his platform.

One angry voter wrote on social media: "Despite adjusting my withholdings down, I went from getting a #taxrefund last year to owing $1700 this year! Same job, house, and situation."

A second commenter stated, "Completed my taxes. I file the same every year, claiming nothing. Getting back a fraction of 2017 return. Apparently, I misread everything. Should have been called "Tax Refund Cuts" cause my returns suck!! Thanks."

Still, this has not dissuaded Trump himself, and he seems fully intent to win another term in 2020.

He does still have a large group of supporters who will readily give him his vote, but that positivity is waning by the day.

Perhaps, Trump has a hidden ace up his sleeve that he plans to use to earn back voters’ trust, but at this point, many have started to question his exact plans.