Wall Street closed with the S&P 500 record for the seventh consecutive day, and the US economic recovery consolidates.

source: www.reuters.com

Wall Street closed with the S&P 500 record for the seventh consecutive day, and the US economic recovery consolidates.

The New York stock market reacted positively to the reports of the economic recovery in the US. The Dow Jones advanced 0.44% and the Nasdaq 0.81%.

Wall Street closed this Friday in green, with an advance of 0.44% in the Dow Jones of Industrials. The S&P 500 set a new record for the seventh day in a row, driven by better-than-expected employment figures in the United States.

According to data at the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones rose 152.82 points to 34,786.35, while the selective S&P 500 rose 0.75% or 32.40 points, to 4,352.34. The Nasdaq Composite Index, which brings together the main technology companies, rose 0.81% or 116.95 points, to 14,639.33.

By sectors, the highest gain was for technology (1.39%), followed by non-essential goods (1.08%) and communications (0.93%). In comparison, only energy (-0.91%) ) and financial (-0.19%) closed negative.

The New York stock market reacted positively on Friday to the labor data released by the US authorities, which revealed that 850,000 jobs were created in June, well above what analysts had predicted.

The figure points to a consolidation of the economic recovery in the US after several months of doubts about the situation in the labor market, even though the unemployment rate stands at 5.9%, slightly higher than expected.

James McCann, deputy economic director of Aberdeen Standard Investments, said in an interview with CNBC that "this is a strong report and should be accelerated in the labor market as a sign of things to come."

Among the 30 Dow Jones stocks, the rise of Microsoft (2.23%), Apple (1.96%), and Johnson & Johnson (1.82%) stood out. On the negative side, the most affected were International Business Machines (-4.6%) and Boeing (-1.2%).

The day also highlighted the fall of the Chinese firm Didi, one of the largest private transport companies in the world and which debuted this week on Wall Street after the Beijing officials declared the opening of a cybersecurity investigation into it. At the close of the day, the company's values ​​lost 5.30%.

On the other hand, IBM announced that its president, Jim Whitehurst, will leave his post as part of a restructuring of the top management announced this Friday by the technology company. The information negatively affected the company's price, which closed the day with a loss of 4.64%.

In other markets, Texas oil fell slightly to $ 75.17 a barrel, the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond fell 1.431%, gold rose to $ 1,787.60 an ounce, and the dollar lost ground against the euro, with a change of 1.1862.