Wanted Fugitive Chloe Jones Captured After Taunting Cops On Social Media -- Here Is Why She Thinks She Can Win The Case

A Pennsylvania woman named Chloe Jones was arrested after she taunted cops on social media. She has a perfectly good explanation for what happened.

Wanted Fugitive Chloe Jones Captured After Taunting Cops On Social Media -- Here Is Why She Thinks She Can Win The Case659
source: Washington Post

In a peculiar twist of events, a criminal who was on the run from authorities was captured as a result of her bragging.

The woman, Chloe Jones, who had until then managed to evade authorities successfully, posted a mocking comment taunting officers to capture her.

Commenters started aggravating her, and she began responding to the attacks, at some point revealing her current whereabouts.

This posting got the woman in trouble: "Do you guys do pick up or delivery??"

It did not take long for authorities to respond to the new information and to capture the woman, who was subsequently extradited to her state of Pennsylvania.

Authorities have expressed their gratitude towards everyone involved in helping them capture the woman, including people who attacked her on her original Facebook post.

And to add a karmic conclusion to the story, officers from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office posted their humorous comments on Facebook, mocking the woman back.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office wrote: "Ms. Chloe Jones and her witty comments are taking a hiatus from our Facebook comments section due to the jail not having internet for her to use."

She was not able to respond since, as the police’s post pointed out, she would be taking a brief break from social media while her legal issues are getting sorted out.

The exact circumstances around her arrest remain unknown, and it is not clear why she was on the run from authorities in the first place.

Police have refused to reveal additional information on the situation.

It is possible that no such information is going to be released in the first place, at least not until the legal proceedings against the woman have concluded and the court has decided on her case.

Until then, she has received a large number of mocking comments on social media.

Her defense for getting in this situation read: "Like I said hard to show up in court when I’m sedated in the hospital. I called my attorney and he said the warrant was already issued blah blah blah.. so of course I’m going to laugh when I’m sitting in the hospital and get on my Facebook and see that I made #2 most wanted for something that I couldn’t control."

Should authorities be tough on the young woman, yes or no?