Was  Claudia Tenney And Anthony Brindisi's NY-22 Race The Nastiest One In The Country?

Politics crossed a lot of lines in 2018 and one of those races involved Claudia Tenney and Anthony Brindisi. She called his family criminals.

source: Syracuse

Politics got quite nasty in 2018, and some of the races for Congress around the country pushed things very far.

For example, in New York,  Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican, took over one week to concede the NY-22 race against her opponent, Anthony Brindisi.

Her behavior did not surprise many because the campaign got very contentious. It even reached to the point where she accused his family of being criminals.

According to what was said in Tenney’s campaign in the upstate region of New York, most of her employees should have been wary for their safety since her opponent from the Democratic Party, Brindisi, was related to “criminal” and “thuggish” people.

The staffers of the campaign were warned to avoid going out alone late at night or not to trust people in “strange cars.”

Other examples of safety advice that was given in a memo to staffers were for them to be cautious about being followed and to sift through the security of their locks.

The memo also said that people needed to be alert since Brindisi’s brother and father had criminal records.

Furthermore, it was also written that the family of the democrat was prone to violence, intimidation, and aggressive behavior.

This is not the first time that such remarks were being made towards the family of Mr. Brindisi, as Tenney said similar things in an interview last year.

However, she was also heard saying she was on good terms with Brindisi and did not hold him responsible for what his family has done in the past.

Brindisi’s campaign manager, Ellen Foster, answered Tenney’s words by claiming her attacks on the Italians were nothing new from the congresswoman.

Foster also said that Tenney’s “toxic rhetoric” was one of the main reasons why the work of politics in Washington was in decline, and it was time for the congresswoman to be replaced.

According to Foster, Tenney was responsible for selling her vote to cut Medicare and therefore increasing the national debt of the country.

President Donald Trump had won the district by 16 points against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Do you think this race was one of the nastiest ones in the country?