Washington Post Claims EMP Threat Is A Work Of Fiction—Trump Begs To Differ

Trump issues a directive, stating an assessment be made and presented in one year in regards to the countries current defenses against an EMP attack.

source: Washington Times

In an executive order issued by President Trump last week, the federal government was instructed to take measures to develop sustainable, efficient and cost-effective actions improving the countries resilience to the possibility of an EMP attack. 

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse attack) would in most theories be used in the attempt to knock out anything that relies on electrical power—electronics, computers, cell phones—pretty much anything we use in our day to day life.  An EMP is possible by way of nuclear weapons, and as anyone who knows anything knows we are poorly shielded from them at this time.

As for the order issued by President Trump, it states that government “shall engage in risk-informed planning, prioritize research and development (R&D) to address the needs of critical infrastructure stakeholders, and for adversarial threats, consult intelligence Community assessments.”

Also included in the order is that the current privately, overseen by utilities, electrical grid be modernized with the private sector involved.  The government would also be responsible for creating protocols that would alert to possible natural and man-made electrical surges.

The deadline set down by the order from the administration is that of one year.  The preparation of the assessments of both threat and vulnerability would then be due.  In short, both research and the assessments from that research of potential hazards are directed to be presented.

Not surprising is the fact that the Washington Post had an immediate response to the order, falsely appearing as an actual science report that pretty much took issue with Trump's order.  It would seem that the Post doesn't see a need for the United States to take any actions to protect both its infrastructure or its assets.  The article's headline read "Should you worry?" at which point it answered "Nah."

The Post pretty much showed their "analysis" piece to be the sheer rubbish it is.  They stated that an EMP was only a part in the plot of a James Bond movie—giving the appearance that it is a work of fiction and not a real threat.  The article stated that the threat of an EMP would involve, in the opinion of the article, a nuclear retaliation from the United States.  Finally, the article stated that a terrorist EMP attack would be impossible, as most governments have "reasons not to give nuclear weapons to terrorists," going on to ask that if such a group were in possession of such a weapon would they really use it?

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is President's Trumps directive to protect our country against possible EMP threats indeed a work of fiction, as the Washington Post claims?