Wasn't it the night cat? Why are cats active at night and what to do?

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Speaking of cats, there is the image of actively moving even at night with eyes glowing in the dark. Cats are often thought of as "nocturnal," but did you know they are not? This article explains why cats get confused with the nocturnal nature and its royal lifestyle. In addition, we will also present how to deal with owners who are in trouble because cats are rampaging at night. please refer to.

The cat was not nocturnal! ??

Many people will be surprised to learn that "cats are not nocturnal." First, let's take a look at the real ecology of cats.

Cats are not really nocturnal.

Cats have the image of being active at night, but the actual activity style is not nocturnal or diurnal, but is called "twilight animals." It may be an unfamiliar word, but it mainly refers to the busiest hours of twilight (dawn) and dusk (dusk).

Among animals other than cats, dogs and rabbits are also called "twilight animals."

Sleeps a long time, but sleeps lightly.

The etymology of cats is that they can sleep well enough to be called "cats." It seems that most of the day is sleeping, but in reality the nap is not that deep, and it is said that there are many of the so-called "naps". This is a reminder of the fact that when cats hunted and were alive, they saved their strength to be able to move in an emergency.

Cat-eating birds begin to actively move at dawn and mice begin to actively move at dusk. It fits perfectly into the "twilight" feline ecology.

Why is it considered nocturnal?

I explained that cats are "twilight", but why are they considered nocturnal in the image of the world? It seems that the characteristics and lifestyle of cats are related.

Because you can see the darkest places better than humans.

Speaking of cats, there is the image of guarding the dark. Beneath the cat's retina is a layer called the "mat layer" that reflects incoming light. It acts as a reflector, allowing you to perceive objects in the dark with a little light. It is this mat layer that makes cats "glow at night." This characteristic is also found in nocturnal animals and deep-sea fish.

I can sleep well during the day

Like I said, cats sleep most of the day. Most naps are "naps", but from a human perspective, we feel that "naps are a good night's sleep."

I feel like I'm active at night

People who hear stray cats barking at night or come across a "night sports meet" where house cats run around the room with antics have the image that "cats get better at night."

I'm not actually active at night, but I am for reasons like "I was overwhelmed by boredom during the day" and "I suddenly think of a lack of exercise and try to relieve stress." They often seem to be making noise.

Because there are nocturnal animals in the cat family.

Tigers, leopards, and jaguars, which belong to the same cat family, are nocturnal animals that hunt in the dark. Therefore, it is often thought that "carnivorous cats in the cat family = nocturnal", but the lifestyles of cats and tigers are different even in the same cat family.

Why isn't it nocturnal? Why do cats work at night?

Cats aren't nocturnal, but some owners say, "I can't believe it's not nocturnal because it's nocturnal!"

What is the reason that cats are active at night? There are several hidden causes.

Problematic behavior of nocturnal cats

Part of the behavior of nocturnal cats makes us think "Isn't it really nocturnal?"

It is a pattern to wake up leaning on the place where the domestic cat sleeps in the middle of the night, chewing or licking candy. The behavior of a cat named "Kite-Chan" is cute, but I want you to lie down slowly at night.

Run at night

The behavior of cats running around the room at midnight is also called an "athletic cat encounter" and often interferes with the owner's sleep because some children run whining.


He explained the surprisingly unfamiliar lifestyle of real cats and how to treat cats that are not nocturnal but become active at night.

There are several reasons why originally "twilight" cats become nocturnal, such as during the estrous cycle, lack of exercise, and stress. Take the right steps to get a good night's sleep with your cat.