Water polo Players will Receive $ 14 Million in Compensation, for the purpose of Sexual Abuse

The athlete, who has said that the International Water Polo Club of the national authority

source: https://ibb.co/gPXVydT

And a lot of female water polo player, who has been accused their coaches of sexual assault, will share nearly $ 14 million, following a lawsuit against an American water polo player, and the California club is closed.

The athlete, who has said that the International Water Polo Club of the national authority, which governs the sport of failing to protect them from abuse by the coach Bahram Hojreh, from 2012 to 2017.

Au $ 13.85 million in a settlement with the U.s. Water Polo, and the International Water Polo Club, was picked up on Friday by the Orange County Superior Court. It is to be paid by the insurer for the two organizations.

"We have heard that the plaintiffs' testimony, the claim is heart-wrenching, said Christopher Ramsey, CEO of USA water polo. "Our hope is that this will allow them to begin a new chapter in their lives."

The california Supreme Court ruled in April in a case in which would-be Olympian in taekwondo, the sport and the governing bodies that are required in order to protect the athletes.

Attorney Morgan Stewart, who was the representative of the 11 plaintiffs, said the court's decision, and will help to hold Us accountable for that matter. The case of the united states taekwondo, some of the standards set by the national authorities to collect fees and charges, and to avoid liability.

"It is, in the most absurd manner, I can tell you that we are in charge of those clubs, however, we will not be responsible for," he said. "The failure of water-polo in the united states, in this respect, were as much to blame for the failure of the club."

Hojreh, 45, has pleaded not guilty to the 34 cases of child sexual abuse involving 10 victims, nine of whom were children at the time of the act. According to him, the prosecutor's alleged crimes to take place during an individual workout.

Charges brought by the Orange County District attorney's Circle and has the bad actions of a child for the purpose of sexual penetration with a foreign object, and have sex with the victory of the hoax, which stated that the victims don't know they are being abused ", as the coach said to the touch, served a professional purpose."

"He was just saying, guys,' This is what's going to happen in the school. You'll have to get used to it," Stewart said. "And then he would crawl under his trunks, and attack them."

The lawsuit, which said that the water polo player, was negligent and, therefore, responded to the reports, in 2017, on the Hojreh, the International Club, the players had sexually assaulted the opponent during a game, and this allowed him to force a further eight months of the year.

"Orange County Register", it is to be noted, that the girls in the team, came up out of the pool, the accuser of the swimmers in the Hoyre, in order to try and catch up, and they go out of their sex organs, under the water. In the game, aside from the coach blames the Hoire of the training, the tactics, the players, and a fight almost went out on the deck, the pool, by the angry parents, the crying, and celebrating them at each other.