"We need internet for Cuba": the claim that comes to Washington from Miami.

source: today.in-24.com

Miamians are still in the streets, demonstrating alongside Cubans who on the island are facing the repression of the dictatorial regime after five days of protests.

Miamians are still in the streets, demonstrating alongside the Cubans who on the island are facing the repression of the dictatorial regime.

In the city of Hialeah (the second-largest city in Miami-Dade County and the city with the highest concentration of Cubans outside of Cuba), hundreds of people gathered shouting "Freedom," many of them demanding an intervention United States military in Cuba.

Today, a small but very vocal group made up mostly of Cuban-Americans approached the mayor's office of the city of Miami to, among other things, ask that the United States find a way to provide internet to the island of Cuba, where the authorities the dictatorship cut the internet since the people took to the streets.

"We need them to find a way to bring the internet to the island. They are killing our relatives, and the world has to know what is happening on the island", the actress Claudia Valdez, one of the people who called the demonstration, told the press.

Mayor Francis Suárez met with a group of Cuban-Americans. After the meeting with the protesters, he spoke to the press. To quote Martin Luther King, injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. This is not a Cuban problem. This is a global problem. "They have a special request from the United States federal government," Suarez said.

We are asking the President of the United States to come to Miami and explain in detail what can and cannot be done to help the people of Cuba," he stated, to the applause of those present, while confirming who has had talks with technology entrepreneurs to see how Cuba can be provided with the internet.

For his part, Florida Governor Ron de Saints visited Miami-Dade County again on Thursday. From the city of Miami Lakes and local politicians joined the Internet application for the island. The Communists are afraid of it because of the fact that, although it will not happen overnight, the United States has the technical capacity to provide the Internet in Cuba.

In all its demonstrations in South Florida, the Cuban-American community wants to make it clear that Cubans are not demanding food or medicine and that the idea that they took to the streets due to the economic and health crisis of the COVID 19. As is heard in the streets of Cuba, the message is that the request is for freedom and the end of the 62-year dictatorship.

In the search for that freedom, the possibility of communicating between different parts of the country and showing what is happening in Cuba is key. That is why the most specific request that is being made is that of the internet.

Although in the streets of Miami, the demand for a military intervention is also frequently heard. Many fear that unarmed Cubans will not be able to fight the dictatorship without the support of the US military.

From Washington, after the brief statement sent on Monday, little has been said about the crisis in Cuba and whether the United States has any plan to help the island's civilian population.