Wendy Rogers accepted the Trump election lies and watched her star rise

The first member of parliament in Arizona has begun to travel around the country as the GOP faces divisions over Trump's desire to hold the next election

source: https://ibb.co/3Wmf4XW

Wendy Rogers spent 10 years trying to get elected to various regional and provincial offices in Arizona.

He finally won the regional Senate race last fall - and immediately launched a battle to end the results.

Acknowledging the lies of former President Donald Trump that the 2020 presidential election is rigged with unparalleled zeal, Rogers, a Republican, has repeatedly called for the arrest of public officials who are in charge of voting. He traveled all over the country, announcing by mistake that the election in Arizona and elsewhere could be approved. Trump and other prominent allies have praised and promoted him, and in the midst of a major opposition to Trump's election, he has become a major figure.

"There is a concerted effort to find the truth from 2020 before we move on to 2022," he said excitedly at this month's event in Kari Lake, which represents Trump's pro-Republican presidential election in Arizona.

At the same event, Rogers called on Mark Brnovich, the attorney general of the Republic of State, to "go and arrest those who humiliated us" and asserted, with no available evidence, that rampant fraud had been attempted in recent Virginia elections, where Republicans were. reclaimed the emperor's palace and the majority of the House of Representatives.

Although Rogers' efforts are futile, his relentless push for Trump's baseless allegations has moved him from a failure to become a key figure in the right-wing campaign in his bid to secure President Joe Biden's victory. His national tour - the frustration of candidates and the representation of election investigations and voter reviews such as the one in Arizona, which found no evidence of fraud - is not uncommon in early state law, although in Trump's time, many of those who echoed his lines have become populist figures.

At the ceremony of Josh Mandel, a candidate for the Republic of Ohio, Rogers received the congratulations and the joy of "We Love You!" Eric Greitens, who represents the Republican Senate in Missouri, has brought Rogers to the province to gather supporters and hold joint interviews with the media on the right wing. And in Pennsylvania, his appearance at the "Audit the Vote" rally - organized by the same party that organized the January 6 "Stop the Steal" rally that preceded the Trump-sponsored mob attack at the US Capitol - received higher pay than the House. and government candidates.

Steve Bannon, a former Trump strategist and right-wing broadcaster who has coached Rogers many times, said he was a "leading star" on the "edge" of the "Make America Great Again" organization.

"I think if you don't see him running for office, you'll see him in the Trump administration," said Bannon, who has recently been charged by a federal judge with contempt of Congress for opposing a committee of inquiry. January 6 attack. "Rogers will play a big role. I think people are looking to him for the future. People want fighters, and he clearly distinguishes himself as a relentless man."

Rogers is on the rise as the Republican Party faces uncertainty about how close candidates for the upcoming election should be to Trump to win and the split over whether the party should focus on the 2020 presidential election or focus on the upcoming elections and criticize the Biden administration.

His victory last year followed a series of defeats by Congress and the Senate in several constituencies from 2010 to 2018. Last fall, Rogers, a longtime Tempe resident, moved and ran in a law-abiding district, defeating a longtime Republican primary school student. before winning the national election.

He raised more than $ 1.16 million in his campaign last year, which was more than $ 300,000 more than any other candidate at the statehouse in Arizona, according to the campaign's financial reports. Rogers, who supported former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in the 2016 primaries, gradually welcomed Trump as he defeated GOP opponents. His latest campaigns focused on supporting Trump, gun rights and building a wall along the border with Mexico. While doubting the 2020 results has become his hit card, election problems have not been listed as part of a published platform for his campaign.

"Trump's presidency has leveled a lot of political issues and led the way," said Stan Barnes, an Arizona Republican political adviser. "So he went inside.

"Now there is no filter, where previously there may have been a filter," he added. "And it looks like it works for him. So I don't expect him to sort it out again."

Rogers, who declined to comment, is vying for more than just a 2020 election. Retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who often wears an airplane during political events, Rogers boasted of his membership in the "military" Oath Keepers, some of whose members were convicted in connection with the January 6 riots. linked to QAnon, who wants to undermine it by tweeting "What is a Q?" before the event.

This summer, he is accused of signing supporters of the white supremacy of white supremacy when he wrote on Twitter that he was "under changed and under attack" in response to a case of immigrants being held at the US-Mexico border. And he has repeatedly praised Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, including this month, when his message to the people of Virginia preparing to vote "Make General Lee proud."

"It was clear to me that he was going to be the most right-wing officer in our history today," said Lauren Kuby, a member of Tempe City Council who knew Roger.