What are the events related to childhood in Asian countries?

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This time, we will cover children's celebrations and events. In Japan, there are events like New Year's Day and Shichigosan that wish for the growth of children, and events where family members take celebrations and family photos, but there are also baby-related events at FUN! Destination country of Japan. There are many ways to celebrate. From here, let's take a look at the celebrations and events related to the growth of children in the six target countries.

Children-related events in Taiwan

Children's Day (Children's Day)

In Taiwan, April 4 is Children's Day every year. Children's Day celebrations are generally held at school and at home, and in kindergartens (nurseries) and primary schools. Children's Day gifts, such as stationery and mugs, are prepared and distributed to all children. There are no traditional rules, but some families offer gifts such as toys and games. There are several ways to go out to eat and eat sweets, not the usual meals. This day is a national holiday, and it will be a consecutive holiday along with the Qingming Festival (tomb visit day) on April 5.

Hong Kong children's event

Monthly birthday party

In Hong Kong kindergartens, as in Japanese kindergartens, it is common for birthday children to gather every month for a birthday party. At this birthday party, we will prepare a birthday cake 100 days after delivery and a soft-boiled egg (red sardine) that can be eaten at a 100-day banquet.

It's also unique to have a birthday party at McDonald's, a chain of hamburger shops. It's common for kids in Hong Kong to have experienced it once, and there seems to be a birthday party plan in which an employee acts as a moderator to hold party games and give away events.

Furthermore, in Hong Kong, as in Taiwan, April 4 is designated as "Children's Day" each year. However, in Hong Kong, this day is not a public holiday and there are no special events or customs.

Events related to Thai children

Chonmage Haircut

One of the most famous events related to Thai children is (Chonmage Haircut).

In this ritual, a father or monk first place a razor in the child's chonmage and cuts it in three steps while pouring holy water. Next, he cuts the hair of a relative of similar pedigree, and the other relatives take turns cutting the baby's hair. Ultimately, a professional barber will shave cleanly and give you a round shave.

 (Guardian Stepmother Party)

In Thailand, children from birth to 12 are believed to have (that is, the child's guardian spirit), which is why children don't stop crying. It is said that he is trying to become his son. Therefore, in the ceremony (reward to the guardian stepmother), the rice is cooked in three colors, white, red and black, and it is offered to look like a rice ball.

First, after my grandparents put the rice balls around the child and said, "Let's give him rice so as not to disturb my superior mother, my inferior mother, the middle mother and my son." Throw a white rice ball on the ceiling, a red rice ball directly in front, and a black rice ball underneath.

Also, in Thailand, newborn babies are not said to be "cute" but rather praised as "ugly", just as they do not love their babies and make them their own.

Malaysia Children's Event

Children's Day Malaysia, Children's Day is called Children's Day. There are no special rules, but the parties will be held at each school around October 31st. At school-sponsored parties, you can eat light meals, cakes, play games, and exchange gifts.

Events related to Vietnamese children

In Vietnam, June 1 is Children's Day. It is derived from the "International Children's Day" established by the "World Children's Day" celebrated in Geneva in 1925, and is a socialist country other than Vietnam, like China and the former Soviet Union. Approximately 40 countries around the world have designated June 1 as Children's Day. Although it is an anniversary and not a national holiday, it seems that many families have a camping experience that they usually cannot do because it is already summer holidays. At night, the city fills with children. In addition, families prepare gifts and toys and eat snacks such as cakes and go out to eat. In addition to holding events for children in various locations, we also hold "Children's Commemorative Sale" commercially.

One of the most famous rituals related to Indonesian children related to Indonesian children is the Tedak Siten in Java.

Tedak Siten is a word that means "to step on the earth for the first time" and it is a ritual to thank God and wish the growth of a child, which takes place seven months after the baby is born. In this ritual, the baby walks on a vibration of color with the help of her parents.