What Does The Future Hold For The Marvel Cinematic Universe—Will It Survive Past 2019?

source: Screen Rant

The ominous title of the next major MCU movie pretty much tells the story—Avengers: End Game is quite literally the end.  After tens years of what many said was a goal that Marvel Studios was setting themselves up to fall way short of, here it is 2018 and the goal has been achieved, along with a lot more than the studio had even dreamed or planned.

What started as Ironman, will end as Avengers: Endgame, completing a ten-year storyline and having it come full circle.  When I say completed, I mean in the sense of how Marvel Studios had set up their timeline years ago. 

There is also the fact that Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans want out.  Not only are their contracts up but they are wanting to move on past the characters that pretty much put their careers into overdrive.  Chris Hemsworth, it has been rumored, would be willing to give Thor another go, but the studios differ on that idea. 

The only three original Avengers left to fill out contracts are Mark Ruffalo, who we already know will not get his own Hulk movie;  Scarlett Johansen who will get her own solo movie for her character Black Widow; and Jeremy Renner who has one more movie left on his contract and rumors state will most probably be a guest appearance in the Black Widow movie. 

It is also worth noting that Hawkeye may someday get his own movie, as Kevin Feige President of Marvel Studios has not ruled that out, but he has stated it will not star Jeremy Renner in the titular role.

So, the question is, where does this leave the future face of the MCU?  We know of only one movie so far that will start what is being called Phase 4 of the MCU, and that is Spiderman: Far From Home.  After that, there are only rumors and speculation.  

Even the Black Widow is not a done deal—yet—and the third installment of the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise is in a holding pattern when last heard.  Add in rumors of a Doctor Strange 2 and you can see that things are still pretty much up in the air.

Another problem to take into consideration is the recent buyout and merging of Marvel Studios with Disney Studios.  As many may or may not now, Disney Studios tends to be somewhat of a control freak when it comes to their productions.  

And, Marvel Studios has always walked its own walk—has from day one.  One has to wonder if these two supergiants of cinema will be able to work and play well together.  And if not, what could that mean for the future face of the MCU.

Will the MCU survive to return after 2019?