What is "late spring" when dog ought not walk?? What time should I go?

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An era when dogs should not be walked

It is dangerous to walk during the day, so NG

The normal temperature of the dog is about 38 degrees Celsius; it has a lot of hair and is sensitive to heat. Hot summers are a very difficult season for these dogs, so you should make your summer a different lifestyle so that you can be as comfortable as possible.

For example, going for a walk on a hot day is basically something to avoid. As a specific time, zone, it can be said that "11:00 to 15:00" is a walking time that you definitely want to avoid.

This is because this is the hottest time and the environment is harsh for dogs. Dogs sweat less than humans, and basically simply kicking lowers their body temperature. Rowing lowers body temperature with the heat of vaporization that evaporates the water in your mouth as you stick your tongue out. I cannot. However, this navigation is usually not very effective because the temperature is too high during the hot summer months.

As a result, dogs are very prone to heat stroke when they go for a walk during the day.

Asphalt flooring has a risk of burns

In addition, walking during the day in summer not only causes heat stroke, but also risks burning feet that touch the ground. The asphalt temperature on the road can reach 60 degrees Celsius during the hottest hours of the summer.

As you can imagine, taking a dog for a walk on the hot asphalt floor quickly burns his leg and turns his skin. Humans walk with shoes to avoid foot burns, but dogs walk directly on the ground with their feet, so it is best to go for a summer walk where the heat on the ground is as low as possible. we go.

Good time for a summer walk

Ideally around 6 a.m. M.

So when is the ideal time to go for a walk in summer? In conclusion, the ideal time is "around 6 am" when the morning temperature is low, preferably "around 5:30". Early in the morning is the most comfortable time for dogs, as the temperature drops at night and before it rises. Heated asphalt cools down too, so you don't have to worry about burning your feet.

Better after 9:00 p.m.

The best time for a night walk is "after 9:00 PM". Since the sun sets in late summer, the temperature is high even around 7 p.m. and the asphalt tends to be still hot, so it's best to start after 9 p.m. when the temperature starts to drop. It is a time zone. \ \

However, if you go for a walk at night, it will be difficult for you to see the dog from the surroundings and it will be more likely that he will be involved in problems such as accidents. Therefore, it is important to take a light object such as a collar, collar or leash and walk safely so that the people around you can see the dog.

What you want to prepare for a summer hike.

Drinking water

Frequent hydration on hot days can make your dog less susceptible to illness and can cause his body temperature to drop slightly. Also, if you have a fever, you can lower your body temperature by watering your body. It can be said that body heat can be removed by moistening the towel with water and sticking it on the dog's body. If you have it, you can take various measures, so it is recommended to have it ready for a summer walk.

Heat measurement product

Summers are hot throughout the day, so it is important to avoid the heat as much as possible, even if you go for a walk early in the morning or at night when the temperature is low. Therefore, I would like to use thermal countermeasure products. You can walk comfortably with a scarf or clothing made of cold materials.

Spray bottle

It's best to pour water directly or put a water-soaked towel over your body, but it's also a good idea to use a spray bottle to cool down your body. When you spray a spray bottle on your dog's body, the water droplets on your body and coat are replaced by sweat, and the heat from the vaporization as the water evaporates can lower your body temperature.

It can be very effective to lightly moisten the entire body with a spray bottle when the dog is hot or while walking. However, if your entire body gets wet, your body temperature may drop too low at once, so keep it moist.


Summers are so hot that it is definitely good to go for a walk during the day. Ideally, summer walks should be "around 6 am" and "after 9 pm "when the temperature is low. Also, summer is always hot even at the lowest temperature, so it is recommended that you take measures against the heat when you go for a walk.