What is pubalgia, the injury with which Vicent Janssen could miss the start of Apertura 2021?

source: www.explica.co

The forward of Rayados had to leave the entertainment to take the indicated exams.

Bad news for the Rayados de Monterrey team. This Thursday, it was announced that their forward Vincent Janssen left the preseason due to an injury that has been getting worse. Hence, a series of studies have to be done to know his gravity.

Vincent suffers from pubalgia in the groin area, a situation that prevented him from participating in training on Wednesday afternoon. This Thursday afternoon in Monterey, studies were conducted to find out the degree of puberty that affects him.

According to an official statement from the Rayados, the Dutch gunner presented discomfort in the region of the right adductor and symphysis pubis.

According to the club, the diagnosis will depend on its evolution.

Pubalgia is also known as an athlete's hernia and is a common injury in regularly exercising people. This pathology manifests itself with pain in the pubis, affecting different muscle areas of the groin. Therefore, it is also commonly called groin pain.

A pubalgia injury can last up to eight weeks, varying depending on when it is diagnosed. This lasting extension usually occurs because the patient does not go to the specialist, hoping that he will improve after a few days.

It is essential to treat it because more advanced stages produce pain even at rest and in bed.

The primary pain is in the groin area or lower abdomen.

The first signs of pain usually appear after exercise or at the end of strenuous physical activity.

* Second, pain is felt during physical activity.

* Finally, the pain appears a few moments after starting an activity, and it is impossible to do it.

* The pain ends up being constant until you are at rest, which prevents simple movements.


Player  Rayados of Monterrey, Vincent Janssen,  shared a particular moment in your life. He shared some photos through his Instagram account to announce his engagement with his current partner, Talia.

Both are observed in a precise place, with the sea in the background. The scene shows how he asks for her hand in marriage,  accompanied by the following message: "The best I have ever heard, I love you my fiancée @itmetaliag," wrote the player.

Talia, originally from Texas, United States, has revealed her feelings at the surprise that her fiancé and future husband Vincent Janssen have given her on social networks. "We didn't go on a boat like he said this day… But he asked me to marry him. Thank you for the happiest day of my life and a future that I can look forward to every day. @vincentjanssenofficial," he wrote.

Vincent Janssen arrived at the Rayados for the 2019 Apertura. Although it did not affect André-Pierre Gignac,  the Bull has scored 12 goals in the league and the Cup. Thus, he has already experienced what it means to be a champion from the hand of the royal team.

The Dutchman took an important role and a protagonist in the Apertura 2019 when he propelled Monterrey to the semifinal.

The Liguilla was reserved for Janssen, but it all began in the Quarterfinals into the Laguna team. After that, El Toro took ownership due to the injury that kept Rogelio Funes Mori away for several days. So it was even more critical that Janssen quickly adapts to the leading role upfront.