What is the difference between accident insurance and medical insurance?

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Accident insurance, which is often considered a credit card subsidy. Specifically, when can I get the benefits?

If you do not know when and what kinds of problems you will face, you will not be able to buy insurance. I will explain the characteristics and types of accident insurance that cover a surprisingly wide range.

What is the difference between accident insurance and medical insurance?

First of all, accident insurance is insurance that covers injuries caused by sudden accidents.

There is medical insurance as insurance to cover injuries, but accident insurance and medical insurance have different enrollment conditions and coverage.

With health insurance, depending on the contract, you can receive benefits if you are hospitalized or have surgery for injury or illness (some diseases are excluded depending on the insurance product).

By your very nature, you are required to notify us of your illness and medical history when you participate. Please note that if you sign up for this by mistake, your benefits may not be paid.

On the other hand, accident insurance does not offer sickness benefits.

Also, even if you are injured, you will not be eligible for benefits if the cause is your original illness.

Accident insurance is insurance that covers injuries caused by sudden accidents. Therefore, you are not obliged to report your illness or medical history and you can participate regardless of your health status.

Also, premiums for health insurance and accident insurance are different.

Health insurance generally has a higher premium because the risk of getting sick increases as she ages, but in the case of accident insurance, the premium does not change based on her age.

On the other hand, if you are in a dangerous profession, your insurance premiums can be high.

Injury covered by accident insurance

Injuries covered by accident insurance are limited to those that meet the three conditions of "rapid," "accidental," and "ambulatory." Please note that other injuries are not eligible for this benefit.

Three conditions covered by accident insurance

Let's take a concrete look at each of the three conditions.


Sudden means that there is no time between the cause of the injury and the actual injury. If one day you feel pain in an old accident, it is not like that.


I was injured in an unexpected accident. It is not a coincidence that you yourself do something dangerous or do something that could hurt someone.


Outpatients are those who injure themselves outside the body. Accidents caused by your first chronic illness are not covered by accident insurance.

Specific examples of non-objective injuries

Specific examples of injuries that do not meet all three accident insurance conditions are as follows. In such cases, you will not be eligible for accident insurance benefits.

• I had a pain in my elbow after playing tennis, but kept playing tennis (I was not satisfied with "sudden" or "accidental").

• I hit my head when my anemia got worse and collapsed (I don't see "outpatients").

• I had an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol (does not comply with the "accident").

You can find out if you have accident insurance by checking in order if all three conditions are met.

Under what conditions can I get accident insurance for injury?

If you meet any of the following conditions due to an injury that meets all three conditions, you can purchase accident insurance and purchase accident insurance.

If you die

The insurance money will be paid due to a fatal accident. If you do not specify a beneficiary of the death benefit, the legal heir will not be able to receive the claim and will receive the claim.

Residual fault

If you are still disabled due to an injury covered by accident insurance, you will receive the prescribed benefits.

If you are hospitalized for inpatient injury treatment, you may receive benefits based on the length of your stay. If you also have health insurance, you can get both benefits.


You will receive the prescribed benefits for surgery to treat your injuries.


In the case of outpatient health insurance, you may not be able to receive benefits just by going to the hospital, but in the case of accident insurance, you basically get them just by going to the hospital.

Since you are not limited to going to the hospital after a hospital stay or surgery, you may be able to receive benefits for even minor injuries.

Special contract to take out accident insurance

Various special contracts can be made for ac insurance.