What Tite said about his future and the scandal that shakes the Brazilian Football Confederation.

source: sports.yahoo.com

The coach of the Verdeamarela team gave a press conference in the preview of the match against Paraguay for the Qualifiers.

The perfect score of the Brazilian team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers was in the background. The neighboring country's attention is focused on football over Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) president Rogerio Cablo's alleged moral and sexual abuse, and it's up to you to decide what the players and their coaches will decide about the next Copa America. It will be played in the country.

In this complex framework, today, the coach of Verdeamarela gave a press conference where he responded to everything.

Caboclo was discharged from his position for 30 days due to the complaint above by a CBF employee. After several hectic days in Brazil, in the middle of the South American Qualifiers and near the Copa América, Tite chose to speak with the media in the preview of the match against Paraguay in Asunción on Tuesday.

Regarding his future, he clarified: "I am going to talk about my judgment and what my scale of values ​​says. I have a lot of respect for my work, for the Brazilian team, for this moment of the World Cup Qualifiers. And the best way to return the love of people who support and respect me is to do my best. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. "

In tune with his statements, Antonio Carlos Nunes, who replaced Caboclo, in dialogue with the newspaper O Liberal, asserted: "I will put it this way: Are we winning? We won the Copa América in 2019. As the saying goes, 'no changes are made to a team that is winning.' And now we are about to qualify for the World Cup.

The leader added: "Tite is my friend. I couldn't talk to him this Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that now I am in charge of the decisions . I like his work, it is severe".

Regarding what happened with Caboclo, Tite expressed that he is aware "of the size of the case and the seriousness of the case. Now there is a CBF Ethics Committee that takes the necessary measures," and that is not "their responsibility." Faced with this complicated panorama, the coach indicated: "I am at peace. I have a lot of peace for the people around me, for the group of people. Sometimes I lose it, and someone relays me, a family member or friend. I am very demanding in the conduct of our work".

Much is said about the players' decision after the match against the Guarani and what they will say about their participation in the Copa América. Also, what is the position of the coach and the rest of his coaching staff? On this, Tite affirmed: "When we manifest ourselves, it will be in our time, with what we understand to be correct. When I talk about us, it is the coaching staff and the players. We are very proud of our conduct, of the respect we have for this. I want to be in body and soul, doing the best job possible. We want to play soccer and have a great game against Paraguay".

Last Friday, after the game that Brazil beat Ecuador 2-0, midfielder Casemiro said in an interview with Brazilian television: "We cannot talk about this matter, the world knows our opinion, I think it is impossible more clearly. Tite has already made it clear what we believe about the Copa América. There is respect; there is a classification that we have to respect. We want to express our opinion after the game against Paraguay. We do not want to deviate from the focus of the Qualifiers and qualification for the World Cup. "

The clash against the Guarani team will be this Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. The setting is mainly because there will be more attention to what happens in the post-game press conference than in the game itself. It will be necessary to see what is the decision of Tite and his directors regarding their presence in America's Cup that will take place in their country.