White House to highlight the latest staff, resources are developing in the provinces as Covid emerges

White House Covid co-ordinator Jeffrey Zients is expected to explain the recent management efforts to help struggling hospitals cope

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Biden officials have increased organizational support in more than 30 provinces over the past two weeks by providing ventilators, ambulances and self-defense equipment to combat the highly infectious omona micronutrient of the coronavirus, a White House chief executive plans to say on Wednesday.

White House Covid co-ordinator Jeffrey Zients is expected to explain the recent management efforts to help struggling hospitals cope with the growing number of coronavirus patients. These efforts include the deployment of 2,100 civil servants, 1 million gloves, nearly 350,000 face masks and thousands of ventilators, said a source familiar with the plans.

President Joe Biden and his administration are looking for new ways to respond to the Covid epidemic that has plagued the health care system, which has been plagued by nearly two years of the epidemic. Nearly half of the hospitals in the province are under a lot of pressure, according to a NBC News report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Drs. Ashish Jha talks about the reduction of the CDC rate of omicron cases in the U.S.

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The White House has stated that the union's staff, including 13,000 members of the National Guard, will be compensated by the federal government, working in 48 provinces to assist with screening, patient care and immunization.

Management has been under additional pressure to quickly increase testing capabilities. The White House has been criticized for unexpectedly rising demand for test kits, especially in the winter and during the holiday season.

The federal government recently opened nine test centers in New York, with three more scheduled to run on Sunday, and plans to open more in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, in the coming days, Zients plans to say on Wednesday. .

In New York, which has been hit by one of the biggest diseases from the various microbes, 60 medical personnel from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and 30 ambulances arrived last week to help transport patients and provide more comfort in hospitals. A 23-person military team is scheduled to arrive in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Friday.

In Arizona, where hospitals are struggling, 20 FEMA paramedics arrived the night before Christmas, with about 40 others expected to treat patients in the Maricopa and Pima regions and international communities from next week.

Biden told officials in a video call Monday that the coalition government was committed to providing more support.

“If you need something, say something. We will have your back by any means, ”he said.