White Man Pulls Gun On Black Kids -- Was It All About Race?

A white man was arrested after he was reportedly seen brandishing a handgun in a racial tirade against black teens in a viral video. Was it racist?

source: TCPalm.com

A video that recently started circulating on the Internet showing a South Florida man engaged in a racial tirade against a group of black children.

The man is seen acting very aggressively, as he continues to hurl slur after slur and insists that the kids leave the area.

It did not take long for the man to be identified once the video picked up in popularity on social media, and according to reports, he has already been arrested, and charges have been filed against him.

He is facing punishment for carrying a concealed firearm, and possibly other elements of the incident, according to reports.

The man was reportedly stepping in to aid another resident who was engaging the kids.

The woman had repeatedly asked the group of youngsters to move out of her way to no avail.

It was apparently at this point that Mark Allen Bartlett, who is 51-years-old, decided to step in and use his firearm to scare the kids.

Unfortunately, things did not go his way, and he has also managed to draw a lot of negative attention to himself with this incident.

It is not clear what exactly happened leading up to what we can see in the video.

Some reports claim that the woman had been physically provoked by the kids beforehand, although those claims seem to be mostly coming from her.

The situation shown in the video does not look like self-defense in any case, and the man involved will likely have to face serious penalties for his actions, depending on what the court decides.

Bartlett was charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a license. The teens are reportedly part of the group,  Bikes Up, Guns Down.

Its founder reached out to the media and is busy defending them adamantly.

He said: "These kids were protesting and a gun was pulled out on a kid. These families can’t afford that. So, we were protesting something historical. I didn’t see that in the video. Like, we are talking about kids and racial profile and you guys talking about urinating."

Do you think the children are responsible for what happened?