Who is Bruce El Mesmari, the talented Mexican who could be Carlos Vela's teammate at LAFC?

source: newsbeezer.com

The young player who stood out in the U-17 National Team could become Carlos Vela's teammate in the Los Angeles team.

The Mexican soccer player Bruce El Mesmari will be Carlos Vela's teammate at LAFC. His contract with Pachuca came to an end. According to sources close to MSS, the Los Angeles team has already made an offer for the player, according to ESPN.

Bruce El Mesmari will join the MLS team and be a teammate of Carlos Vela, who has been with the Los Angeles team since the founding of the Club. The skilled attacker has already accepted the LAFC proposal and is expected to report back to the neighboring country soon.

Mesmari, who had an outstanding performance in the 2019 U-17 World Cup in Brazil, will reach the Los Angeles team as a free agent. The Mexican winger is the second Tuzos youth to emigrate to foreign football after finishing runners-up two years ago. Eugenio Pizzuto left a year ago for Lille in Ligue 1, which was crowned in the most recent season.

The team is expected to announce the Pachuca Youth Squad in the coming days.. It will coincide with Carlos Vela, the group's figure. In the team led by Bob Bradley, there is also the Mexican goalkeeper Pablo Sisniega, who had a stint for the B team of Real Sociedad.

Bruce El-mesmari Sangochian was born on April 23, 2002 in Cancun, Quintana Roo . He is of Armenian descent because, in 1915, the Ottoman Empire ordered the Armenian people to be deported to the Syrian deserts. An estimated one million people died during that persecution. Among those who were able to escape were the player's great-great-grandparents.

At the age of 13, he began to play minutes with the Pachuca Under-13 Basic Forces in 2015. He was promoted to Under-15 in the Apertura 2016. From there, he climbed until he reached Under-17, where he consolidated as a jewel and undisputed head of the Hidalgo team. Years later, he managed to get the top circuit of the MX League with the Tuzos.

The attacker became a crucial piece in Marco Antonio "Chima" Ruiz in the Tri Sub-17. He was in the 4 Nations Tournament (Argentina, Chile, United States, and Mexico), scoring three games.

On August 25, 2018, Pachuca was crowned champion in the International Basic Forces Tournament, scoring a goal in the final against FC Dallas. Mesmari is used to playing as a winger on both wings, although naturally, they feel more comfortable on the left.

During the U-17 World Cup in Brazil, he became a benchmark for the Mexican National Team, as he played minutes in all the tournament matches, being one of the main generators of opportunities.

The S Mexican election two years ago missed the third trophy in the Under 17 category. After playing with Brazil in a very even match, for more than 80 minutes at the Bezerrao Stadium. A controversial penalty against an Amazonian penalty in compensation time ended the dream of El Tri in Brasilia, with a final score of 2-1.

In this painful way, the Mexican National Team ended its adventure in Brazil. It fell with controversy before the host Brazil. A couple of blinks prevented him from being crowned for the third time in the category. Mexico was 10 minutes away from doing a historic feat.