Who is Stefany Ferrer, the first foreign soccer player in the history of Liga MX Femenil?

source: www.explica.co

With her arrival at UANL, the Spanish-Brazilian player will venture into professional football.

The most recent modifications in the rules of the Liga MX for women allowed that starting with the next tournament, each of the teams can include up to two players not born in Mexico in their ranks. The measure, which seeks to strengthen and increase the level of the league, was already taken advantage of by the Tigress of the National Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL). She announced the signing of Stefany Ferrer, the first foreign soccer player to reach the competition.

Stefany Ferrer Van-Ginkel is a 23-year-old player born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, but of Brazilian parents. Play as an offensive and forward midfielder. His most recent team was the West Virginia University Mountaineers, affiliated with the National Association of Collegiate Athletes (NCAA) in the United States. In his most recent tournament, he participated in nine games, where he made six goals and a pair of assists.

His offensive qualities are speed and field vision. Both allow you to move around the pitch and find gaps to enable and receive filtered passes. Another of his strengths is power and placement because, with his most recent team, he managed to violate the rival goals with long and medium-distance shots at the points furthest from the goalkeepers.

However, her versatility allows her to become a creator of offensive plays. He has excellent technical ability to dribble and dribble in tight spaces to enable him excellent control of the ball. Combined with the qualities above, she can start plays and pass goals to her teammates when her work is concentrated in the midfield.

According to the specialized sports media Marca Claro, his first experience in soccer dates back to the Iberian country. In 2014 he made his debut with Igualada; a year later, he joined Atlético Vilafranca. In 2016 he lived his last adventure in that country with the Espanyol B team, an institution from his hometown. Thus, in 2017 he joined the American team, where he remained for three seasons.

At around 7:00 p.m. this Friday, June 25, on the Twitter account of the San Nicolás de Los Garza women's team, she published a voice note from the player. However, it was in Portuguese, and they did not give more details. Later, they affirmed that "the poker has already been done" and published a video with some plays of their goals. Finally, after 8:00 p.m., they published a photograph of the new soccer player.

"Hello, everybody. I am Stefany Ferrer Van-Ginkel. I am Brazilian and Spanish. This is an announcement to say that I will be part of the Tigres family. It is a critical moment for me. Since I was a little girl, I've been waiting for this moment, and my dreams have come true. I am thrilled to be part of the Tigres family. Come on, Tigers!", He assured in a video released by the team.

In addition, in her personal Twitter account, she said she was pleased to become a professional soccer player, as well as excited to arrive in Mexico and "start my journey with the Incomparable," along with a couple of photographs where she is observed signing her new contract with the team.

In this way, the new player stands out for being the bombshell of the season. In addition, among the new players who will defend the UANL colors for the 2021 Apertura tournament are Miriam García, Jana Gutiérrez, and Cecilia Santiago.