Why Ana Martín joined the Louis Tomlinson fan group.

source: today.in-24.com

A Euro Cup poll sparked a massive dispute between fans of the former One Direction and BTS on social media.

An innocent "For who do I vote?" Actress Anna Martin released a series of messages and fights on Twitter between British singer Louis Tomlinson and fans of the South Korean group BTS to win the support of her favorite artist, the former Miss Mexico.

It all started when the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament account used its official statement to ask its fans which song they would like to hear at the tournament final at Wembley Stadium.

Among the European tournament options on July 2 were Butter from BTS, Kill my Mind from Louis Tomlinson, Bad Guy from Billie Ellish, and Yeah from Usher.

Within hours of concluding the vote, the viral Mexican actress surprised everyone asking for support for her favorites by asking who she was voting for. His innocent tweet reached more than 21 thousand "likes" and more than 8 thousand comments, in which a dispute between the Army and the Louies could be seen.

"BTS, it is not an obligation to vote for them, do it for pleasure. But, I assure you that if you take the time to see them for the great artists that they are, they will touch your heart. They saved my life; I want to give them back a little of what they have given me, I kept fighting for them, and today I am here, "wrote one of the BTS fans.

Tomlinson's fans weren't far behind with their arguments: "Kill my brain. Louis is training to speak alone. In his album, he tells us that we shouldn't let anything happen to him." It sings to us how perfect we are, just for the reality of our being, and football has been his dream since childhood.

Imagine their illusion".

After three hours, it seemed that the actress read in detail the arguments made by the two groups of fans and decided to support the former member of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, and sent two tweets where she earned her decision clear.

"Kill my mind" and "Kill my brain" were the messages he launched on his official Twitter account. The first tweet received more than 12,000 "likes" and around 2,000 retweets, while the second had 7,900 "likes" and 1,300 retweets.

Ahead of his message, British fans thanked him for his vote and support: "Thank you, thank you for all the love, we love Louis so much, this is our little sun."

While he also received messages of disappointment from the Army for not supporting BTS: "And I loved their soap operas, now I don't. Bye, ma'am, you missed one of your best fans ... How funny that sounds, right? It is not true; I will always be his fan, no matter who he votes for, I respect his decision".

Despite the support of the Mexican actress, everything seems to indicate that BTS's Butter will be heard in the final of the European soccer tournament. The vote was close, but the winner got 46.6 percent of the more than 4 million votes that the poll had; meanwhile, Kill my mind got 43.8 percent.

So far, the official account of the Euro has not issued any official statement or information in this regard; However, he added the British singer's song to his official playlist, prompting fans to theorize about the possibility of both BTS and Tomlinson appearing at the iconic Wembley Stadium.