Why is Uriel Antuna so close to European football, thanks to Nery Castillo?

source: today.in-24.com

The former Mexican player is dedicated to placing players in Europe. Uriel Antuna could land in Europe with his hand.

Uriel Antuna is on the radar of several European teams. His performance in Tokyo 2020 raised the chances of emigration for the Chivas player. The Olympiacos, and famous winningest club in Greece, has also been spotlighted at the Mexican end. In his mission to go out to the Old Continent, Antuna has the support of a reference from old times.

The first name that comes to the mind of the Mexican fan when it comes to Olympiacos is that of Nery Castillo, who shone in Hellenic football at the beginning of the last decade. In an interview for Infobae Mexico, Castillo said that for some time, he has tried to place the Aztec medalist in Europe:

"A few weeks ago, we introduced Uriel Antuna to Olympiacos. We were close to closing it, but it didn't happen," the former striker said.

Now that the rumor has been circulating again, Castillo posted a picture of Antuna on his Instagram.

Nery has undertaken this new facet in his career. "I'm with a friend working with young players to bring them from South America to Europe, and we also put players in teams," he said for this medium.

In addition, the ex-striker made clear his taste for those players who, as he did, usually marked a difference from their individual quality: "I like players who are endurers and trying to do something different."

Nery Castillo has handled himself with discretion in recent years. After retiring from the courts, he has dedicated himself to promoting footballers in Europe. So far from the claims that he had become a fisherman, Castillo clarified: "They even made a video on YouTube that I was dedicated to fishing. I watched it and laughed. Whenever you want, I invite you to Greece so that you can see how I commit myself to fish, "he ironized.

Uriel Antuna was one of the most prominent players for Mexico at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In the first game, against France, he emerged from the bench to mark and seal the victory for Jaime Lozano's team. Subsequently, from the match against South Africa, the Brujo took full ownership. Only in the last game, against Japan for the bronze, the Guadalajara player returned to the bench.

In the case of leaving for Europe, it would not be his first experience in that latitude. In 2017, Manchester City signed him but did not integrate him into their squad. As a result, Antuna had to leave on loan for a season to Groningen of the Dutch First Division. At the end of his loan, City sent him to MLS with the LA Galaxy. His participation in the 2019 Gold Cup caught the attention of Chivas. They ended up buying his letter in the winter of that year.

Since then, despite facing critical moments at the extra-judicial level, Ariel Chivas has become a strong man in the attack, paying 10 10 million for his services. So far, his most notable campaign has been the 2020 Guardians, a tournament in which rojiblancos reached the semifinals after beating the United States in the quarterfinals.

With Neri Castello, Antuna tries to return to Europe after his successful passage through Japanese lands. This is not the only club that has shown interest in the attacker. AZ Almaark added Antuna to his wish list. For now, Víctor Manuel Vucetich has a winger, who reported training in Verdavalla after a few days off yesterday.

Ever since he joined the team, Antuna has contributed six goals and eight assists to Roji Blanco's treasury. Together with Alexis Vega, he is Chivas' most unbalanced player in crime. A fictitious departure would mean a severe blow to the people of Guadalajara.