Will Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Resign Soon? Signs Offer Clues About A Complicated Future

Countries like America and some former Venezuela opposition leaders expect President Nicolas Maduro to resign soon. Will the country really improve afterward?

Will Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Resign Soon? Signs Offer Clues About A Complicated Future353
source: ABC News

The situation in Venezuela is not improving for the controversial Nicolas Maduro as countries like America have already started focusing on a future with him out of power.

Rumors from Venezuela indicate that Mr. Maduro might be on his way out soon.

According to speculations, it will not be long before he is forced to step down from his position, and the claims seem supported by recent developments in the country and the overall state of its society at the moment.

Many have turned their heads away from Maduro within Venezuela itself, and it looks like he is not enjoying the level of support he once had anymore.

Meanwhile, the bureaucratic backbone of the government regime has been collapsing, and many have been pointing their fingers towards Maduro specifically.

The country is not doing very well on the international scene either, with rumors of potential external influences going around on a regular basis.

It is not clear precisely who has an active interest in the country’s collapse and how invested those potential external players are, but the situation is definitely growing dire for Venezuela as a whole.

What exactly is going to happen after Maduro’s eventual resignation is hard to tell as well.

There are many possible directions the country could go in afterward, and not all of them imply a positive development for its citizens overall.

With a large amount of international attention focused on Venezuela at the moment, hopefully, there will be no opportunity for “shadow” influences affecting the future development of its government systems.

The situation in Venezuela has deteriorated rapidly in the last months, and it does not look like it is headed towards stabilization anytime soon.

Hopefully, the recovery period from what Venezuela is currently going through will not be an overly prolonged one.

A critic of the Maduro regime stated: "Civil society is no longer supporting Maduro, and bureaucrats are no longer doing what the government wants them to do."

He added: "I have to work without public exposure right now, or I risk going back to jail and not being able to do anything."

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