Will Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax Gets Impeached After Two Women Came Forward With Misconduct Claims?

Justin Fairfax is being threatened with impeachment and the process could be launched as soon as Monday after two women came forward with sexual allegations. 

source: ABC News - Go.com

The different scandals in the state of Virginia are not disappearing, but they are taking a different direction.

For example, most political experts are now predicting that Governor Ralph Northam looks like he might survive the blackface scandal that has rocked his administration in the past few weeks. 

Things are also heating up for Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax after his recent sexual assault accusations. 

The lieutenant governor has now been given an ultimatum to resign from his position, or risk dealing with impeachment instead. 

The threat came from Patrick Hope, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Hope’s Twitter post sounded serious, and it is not entirely clear what Fairfax could do to stay in his position at this point.

Mr. Hope wrote: "On Monday, I will be introducing articles of impeachment for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax if he has not resigned before then."  

He is facing pressure from multiple sides, not just Mr. Hope. Public attention towards him has been climbing fast over the last few days, and many have started to question his handling in light of the recent accusations.

The only thing Fairfax has done with regards to these claims so far is to deny them, but many believe that he did not even handle that as well as he should have. 

Right now, there are multiple calls for a full investigation into the situation around him.

Fairfax also pointed out that he has managed to successfully pass two separate background checks by the FBI, related to his position in the government. 

However, not many were impressed with those statements, and it does not look like they will hold any significant weight as a factor in his innocence.

No legal charges have been brought up against Fairfax as of yet. It is questionable whether anything will happen in that direction at all, given the nature of the accusations.

However, even if the only final result is that Fairfax is forced to resign, that would still be a significant blow to him.

Fairfax is facing allegations from two women and is calling for complete investigations. 

Should Fairfax be forced to resign?