With Argentina and Brazil already ranked, how were the groups

source: sportstar.thehindu.com

With Argentina and Brazil already ranked, how were the groups, and what would be the possible crossover in the Copa America quarterfinals?

In the middle of the dispute of the third date, the zones began to be outlined. La Albiceleste, with a pending game, and Verdeamarela, with two to play, have already got a ticket to the next instance.

With three dates disputed, the two groups of the Copa América are shaping up for the quarterfinals. With this partial panorama, Brazil and Argentina leaders in the two zones were the first to secure the ticket to the next instance. La Albiceleste was the last to do so, thanks to their victory against Paraguay. These teams would not meet until the final on July 10, which will be played at the Maracana Stadium. However, the locals showed the best game so far and are the clear candidates to retain the crown achieved in 2019.

In Group A, Argentina leads with 7 points due to its last two victories, both 1-0, against Uruguay and Paraguay. Therefore, the initial tie against Chile (1-1) is added. Chile is second with five units, Paraguay with 3, Uruguay with 1, and Bolivia close the table without teams.

Brazil, for its part, leads Group B alone with a perfect score after its two victories, 3-0 against Venezuela and 4-0 against Peru. He had the third date free and still kept the tip of his zone. Due to the collective level and its individualities, it should not have shocks to keep the remaining six points and capitalize on its vanguard in the area.

Behind the Verdeamarela are Colombia (4), Peru (3), Venezuela (2), and Ecuador (1). On the next day, this Wednesday, Ecuadorians, and Peruvians will meet in the first round. Later, Brazil will play the most decisive match when it collides with the coffee growers.

While the other group will have its fourth day on Thursday, with the following matches: Bolivia-Uruguay and Chile-Paraguay, Argentina will have rest and only return on the last date.

The dispute system indicates that the first four of each group will qualify for the quarterfinals. The winners of each zone will play against the fourth from the other area and the second against the third.

Thus, if the first phase were to end today, the clashes for the next knockout stage scheduled for July 2 and 3 would be the following:





One caveat, Argentina and Brazil would meet only in a hypothetical final.

To confirm these crosses, we will first have to wait for the results of the third and fourth dates, the latter (June 27 and 28), where all matches will be played simultaneously. Then, inequality in points, the best goal difference will be used, and the highest number of goals converted. Then there is a tiebreaker system as indicated in the tournament regulations.