Woman Attacks Boyfriend With A Knife After He Turned Down Her Advances -- Can Couples Like These Be Helped?

A Florida couple with a history of domestic violence sparked a debate about how best these cases can be handled. Can these lovebirds be forced to seek help?

source: Recovery Within Reach

A lovers' quarrel can sometimes go very far and have some serious consequences.

The headlines are filled with stories of couples attacking each other in very serious ways.

Celebrities are often part of these conversations, but the general population also makes noise in that area.

For example, a few months ago; a Florida woman named Katherine Nieves-Tavarez faced charges for assaulting her boyfriend, Amaury Vazquez Carrero, with a knife after being denied sex, according to reports.

The attack occurred after the man rejected his girlfriend’s advances on several occasions, making her increasingly more frustrated and eventually pushing her to the point of no return.

The man was on the ground with a bloodied face when officers arrived at the scene and was taken to the hospital where he was treated for several cuts to his face.

He reportedly stated: “She hit me with a knife. I can’t see.”

His situation was thankfully not serious, and he was able to make a full recovery, according to reports -- although his scars may take some time to heal.

The woman, however, initially denied any responsibility for the incident, and was quick to claim that her boyfriend came home in his cut-up state after being out with a friend.

She was held on a $15,000 bail, and it seems like the police was not impressed with her side of the story. She was later released.

It is worth noting that although details have been somewhat scarce, and it is possible that there is a big chunk of information missing from the picture that was delivered to the media; investigators appeared quite confident in their initial assessment of the case.

Investigations went on for a little while, and many thought it was plausible that the woman could indeed have had nothing to do with the incident, and it was up to investigators and prosecutors to confirm at this point. Her story did not prevail.

The man in the incident has made no comments, and it seems that he opted not to press charges himself on top of the ones the woman was facing from prosecutors.

In April 2017, the same woman was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge, but prosecutors decided to dismiss the case.

Should couples with a history of domestic violence be forced to seek help?