Woman Claims She Eats Salad As She 'Fat Shames' Two Passengers -- How Can Incidents Like These Be Avoided?

A woman was fat-shamed on a flight to New Jersey. The viral video has a lot of people talking and raising questions. Should rude passengers get banned?

source: www.united.com

Norma Rodgers, who was traveling from Las Vegas to New Jersey, quickly discovered she was on a flight from hell after another female passenger decided to fat shame her by calling her a pig and other horrific names.

Rodgers, a registered nurse, recorded the entire incident that took place on board of a United Airlines flight.

The video, which was shared on social media, has received over 2 million views and sparked a heated debate.

The New Jersey woman was sitting next to the angry traveler, who eventually left her seat and yelled out that she did not want to be next to  “big pigs.”

 In the clip, the traveler could be heard saying: “Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to do this for the next four hours. This is just impossible because they’re squishing me. Like,  just unbelievable.”

The unidentified woman hurled a few more insults as she left her seat hoping to find another place in vain.

At that moment, a fed-up Rodgers decided to fight back by saying "I will no longer be verbally abused by this b***h" before alerting a flight attendant to what was happening.

The unnamed woman confessed: “They’re squishing me!” Rodgers fired back: “I’m not tolerating it.” 

As a flight attendant was removing the woman, she told the passengers she “eats salads,”  and a group of travelers took the decision to slam her back.

One passenger screamed, “you should be ashamed of yourself.” 

The woman yelled this last insult, "why don’t you try and sit between those two big pigs?”

A United Corporate Communications spokesperson issued a statement saying: “United flight attendants care about the safety and well being of all of our customers which is why they acted quickly to find a different seat for the disruptive customer.” 

The spokesperson added: “When it became clear that this passenger’s behavior was likely to be problematic on this flight, she was provided alternate travel arrangements first thing the next morning.”

Should rude passengers face more serious consequences?