Woman Who Gave Birth In Prison Cell Toilet Sues Prison System Over Medical Care -- Does She Have A Solid Case?

New mother Tianna Laboy is suing several officials from the prison system after she went in labor and they allegedly failed to help her out. Can she win?

Woman Who Gave Birth In Prison Cell Toilet Sues Prison System Over Medical Care -- Does She Have A Solid Case?477
source: The CT Mirror

An incarcerated new mother, Tianna Laboy, 21, has filed a lawsuit against several officials with the prison system whom she accused of not helping her when she went in labor.

According to the court documents, Laboy, who is an inmate at York Correctional Institution, gave birth to her daughter in February 2018 under dire circumstances.

The prisoner claimed for four days she begged for help upon discovering that she went into early labor but in vain. Neveah was born five weeks premature.

Laboy stated that the employees of the York Correctional Institution in Niantic, Connecticut’s only prison for women including the medical staff, failed to help her.

With no medical aid, Laboy delivered her baby girl in the toilet of a prison cell.

Neveah, who spent 14 days in the neonatal intensive care unit at a local hospital, is now being cared for by her grandmother, Karine Laboy.

In her lawsuit, Laboy named correctional officers and medical staff who she begged for help including Dr. Tricia Machinski, the OB/GYN at York and former York warden Antonio Santiago and many more.

Laboy’s attorneys, DeVaughn Ward, and Kenneth Krayeske, said: “She felt like she had to go to the bathroom, and she recalled that her mother told her if she feels that, be careful because it could be the baby coming. Upon sitting down, she realized that her baby was crowning.”

The Department of Corrections and UConn Health said they are investigating the matter and added: “As soon as the birth was discovered, the new mother and her baby were treated on site, and immediately transported to an area hospital for further evaluation. The circumstances that led up to a baby being born inside a cell are still under investigation. However, preliminary findings have led to two UConn Health, Correctional Managed Health Care employees being told not to report to the facility for work until the investigation is completed.”

Convicted in 2018, Laboy was sentenced to seven years in prison on attempted murder charges after she was accused of stabbing a man during a domestic incident.

Were the correctional officers and medical staff right or wrong not to help the inmate in preterm labor?