Worrying Reports From Tourists In The Dominican Republic Continue -- Should Americans Avoid The Island?

American tourists are starting to really speak out after going through some serious issues in the Dominican Republic. Local authorities are getting blamed.

source: Good Free Photos

Several resorts in the Dominican Republic have now been implicated in a strange recent scandal involving multiple sick American tourists. 

Many have now started to warn people to stay away from the country if they are looking for a good tourist spot as a result.

Additionally, many questions have sprung up online regarding the nature of the overall situation.

A Florida man Jerry Martin, who went with his wife to Caribe Club Princess Beach Resort & Spa in Punta Cana in May for their 40th wedding anniversary with his wife, fell ill.

Martin shared his pain by saying: “Fire in the bottom of my stomach. Pain, excruciating pain. We were down at the pool when it hit, and I had to go up and just lay down and hold my stomach. It was on fire.”

He added: “I am scared, honestly. I told my wife we won’t go out of the country again.”

Thus far it has been confirmed that several people have died after reporting illnesses from an unknown source while vacationing at various resorts in the Dominican Republic. 

At one point, medical reports for one affected couple indicated that they might have been poisoned by a toxic chemical used in insecticide, although this remains unconfirmed.

The exact reports by affected vacationers vary, but most have complained of stomach cramps, intense pain, sweating, and a nauseous feeling all throughout. 

Adding to the complication, there have been reports that Dominican authorities might not be dealing with the situation in the most appropriate way, attempting to sweep issues under the rug, according to some. 

However, this is also still a rumor and remains the subject of speculation.

Many people have started to worry if there might be something more general going on on the island, although these opinions have so far been few and unsupported. 

Most commenters seem to be convinced that a few select resorts in the country are using chemicals in ways they should not and have not communicated the issue with the public in an appropriate manner. 

More will likely come out as the situation develops, as reports have continued to roll in.

Do you think there is something sinister behind those incidents, yes or no?