You have to be a murderer to recognize another': Putin responds to Biden's accusation.

source: washingtonpost

The Russian president affirmed that, despite the announcement, Moscow would continue to work with Washington in areas of common interest.

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded on Thursday to his American counterpart Joe Biden that he is a murderer, saying that "it takes one to know another," insisting that the United States has to take into consideration the interests of Russia. Despite the insults.

"I would say: I wish you good health," Putin said after being asked for a response to Biden's point.

In a televised video conference to celebrate the anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, the president added that he would continue to work with Washington in areas of common interest, even as he claimed there were marked differences, including biological ones, between Russians and Americans.

Putin said, Although they feel that we are like them, we are different people, we have a genetic and cultural moral code, referring to slavery and nuclear weapons, by the United States in the second world war. 

But we know how to protect our interests, we will work with them, but we have to deal with them in the areas in which we are interested and which we feel more friendly. 

Other Russian officials spoke louder but no immediate indication that the Kremlin plans to go beyond its initial response of calling its Washington ambassador.

Konstantin Kosachyov, the deputy speaker of the upper house of Russia's parliament, demanded an apology from Biden for his "rude" accusations. The US president's comment is a "milestone" in relations and "unacceptable under any circumstances," Kosachyov wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

On Wednesday night, the Foreign Ministry announced that it would summon Ambassador Anatoly Antonov for consultations. Warning the risks of "an irreversible deterioration of relations" with the new US administration, the ministry indicated that Russia still hopes to reverse the downward spiral.

Director of the International Affairs of Russia Andrey Kortunov said Putin's initial reaction showed no desire to go down the escalation path. The Russian side is willing to put this issue behind us until such a flagrant statement no more in the future." 

The diplomatic move came after Biden agreed with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos in an interview that Putin was a murderer and said the Russian leader "will "pay the price for alleged meddling in the US elections.