YouTube being switched off, the Republican Senator. Ron's Lawyer is Saying that He has Broken the Covid-19 Policy

The Video giant said that it was not possible to send the data to the contrary to the public health authorities. Johnson's office a complaint of censorship."


YouTube suspended the senator's work. Considered to Ron Johnson on Friday after the Wisconsin Republican has released his latest comments about the alternative treatments for Covid-19.

"We have removed the video, and in line with our medicine, misinformation policy for COVID-19, which does not allow content that people are using hydroxychloroquine, or ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus," a YouTube spokesperson said.

Johnson's account is that it is a block in order to upload videos during the week. The company's policy is to ensure that it does not, however, provide the content of the yayımlayan power program, which is provided by the medical pieces of information that contradicts the local health service, or the information that is provided by the World Health Organization regarding Covid-19, and is independent of the speaker.

His virtual speech on June 3, in front of the Milwaukee Press Club, Johnson criticized the Trump and Biden, the authorities in order to "don't just ignore, but it will also be working towards, a recent study (ten), with the help of low-cost generic drugs for early treatment of COVID," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Her ban on the revenue that the Republicans are in conflict with the tech, the companies that are targeted for censorship of conservatives and a month-long ban on President Donald Trump to have a Facebook that is not supported. Trump has also continued to prohibit or restrict the use of YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, among other platforms.

The JUSTICE department's internal watchdog to investigate the leaks in the Trump era, according to the legislation, told reporters

Corrie Hess, president of the Milwaukee Press Club, tweeted on Friday, the band will push " - branded event with the reporters."" However, the latest on the Friday night, and he reported that the video, with the comments removed by YouTube-channel of the press, of the club.

Johnson's office, slammed the tech giant to move, said in a statement.

"The constant censorship of YouTube, Covid indicates that they are collecting much unaccountable power. Technologies and the mainstream media to believe that they are smarter than the doctors who have dedicated their lives to science and use his knowledge to save lives, " Johnson said in a statement.

"They have decided that it is just a medical point of view, and from this point of view, which is dictated by the government. How many people will die as a result? How many lives can be saved through the free exchange of medical thought? The state-sanctioned censorship of thoughts and words affect us all."