YouTube Music reached 50 million subscribers, to the surprise of many.


According to the platform, people decided to take the leap and pay for a service whose most significant promise is not to launch ads in the middle of reproductions.

Music apps are one of the most popular on the Internet because listening to songs is one of the hobbies that Internet users most like. So it is normal to see people on the street with headphones listening to their favorite music or simply inside their cars or homes with their cell phones and a good radio playing the artists they like the most.

However, it is not normal for people to pay for these types of services, considering that most of the applications in which you can listen to music are made for free; of course, with a few intrusive and inconvenient ads. Thus, applications such as Spotify or Deezer have become popular among Internet users for their ease of searching and playing songs and the incredible catalog they offer.

It is no secret to anyone that, despite being a video platform, YouTube is the queen of all these applications. To avoid complications, people often decide to enter this application, owned by Google, and put the video of the song they want to listen to, imagining that it is only the music that is played on the device.

For this reason, the real surprise is to know that the alternate application to YouTube, "YouTube Music", has millions of subscribers around the world. Of course, in this part of the planet, many people will think: "Who pays for a service that can be obtained for free just by listening to a couple of ads every so often?" So, according to YouTube, there are 50 million people who have decided to jump in and pay for a service whose most important promise is: don't put ads in the middle of re-creation.

The news was released by Lyor Cohen, YouTube's global head of music, through an entry posted on the company's official blog. In this document, Cohen specifies that the 50 million subscribers are divided between the people who decided to pay only for the music service, as well as those to whom the company "gifts" YouTube Music when paying for a YouTube Premium membership or the who have so far decided to take the trial period.

It's been almost six years since our YouTube subscription journey began, and today, we're excited to share the news that we've reached over 50 million music and premium subscribers, including Testes. It is an honor to create a membership that allows people to dive deeper into music, learning, fashion, gaming, and more while supporting the creators and artists who make it possible. Music and premium subscriptions are key pillars YouTube's monetization, allowing unique content and communities to flourish," YouTube explained in the statement.

For his part, Cohen assured that this exponential growth is a good figure for the company and represents a way to help the music industry. In previous years, he had complained to YouTube for presenting its premieres for free without receiving higher profits after said launch.

We recently announced that YouTube had paid 4 billion to the music industry in the last 12 months.

The unique YouTube Music and Premium offerings are resonating in both established and emerging music markets. We have seen impressive growth in countries like Korea, India, Japan, Russia and Brazil, where music is a huge passion.

Would you pay for this service, or would you prefer to continue listening to your music through the classic YouTube app?