YouTuber Emily Hartridge Dead At 35—Victim Of A Fatal Electric Scooter Crash

A post on Instagram confirmed that YouTube influencer Emily Hartridge was pronounced dead from a fatal electric scooter collision.

source: Wikimedia Commons

YouTube fans were notified via a post on Instagram yesterday, that YouTube personality Emily Hartridge, 35, had passed away after having been involved in an electric scooter collision in South London.  Hartridges accident was stated to be the first fatal collision involving an e-scooter in Britain to have been reported. 

The Instagram post read greeted everyone, then proceeded to apologize for making the announcement over social media.  However, they knew that Emily’s fans were expecting to see her that day, and the poster felt this was the only manner in which to connect will everyone at once.

The post then went on to announce the grave news that Emily had been involved in an accident and as a result, had passed away.  The statement was posted on Emily's Instagram account just one day after her passing.  

The post went on to say that Emily was very well-loved and thought of, and that would surely be missed.  She had touched the lives many lives through her Instagram account and was an extraordinary person.  At the bottom of the post was a series of red heart emojis.

The Guardian has officially reported that the individual involved in the accident was, in fact, Hartridge.  Even though law enforcement officials have yet to identify and release the individual's name, at the request of her family. 

 In a press release, by the London Metropolitan Police, a woman in her 30's was reported to have been the victim of a fatal crash that occurred between a truck and an electric scooter.  The young woman involved in the accident was reported as having been pronounced dead at the scene.

A statement was released on Twitter, by YouTube Creators, after the news broke of Hartridge’s death.  The post said that they were profoundly saddened upon learning about the death and tragic loss of what was a genuinely talented British creator.   They stated their thoughts and their condolences went out to all her family, loved ones, and her YouTube fans.

Hartridge was on her way to becoming a significant influencer on both YouTube and Instagram.  Having begun her YouTube videos in 2012, she quickly gained popularity and a massive following.  Her growing popularity is credited to her "Ten Reasons Why" series that she ran on her channel. 

 In this series, she discussed such hot button topics of the day, including sex, relationships, and even gender.  She was also very candid in her thoughts and opinions, often speaking of her own mental health battle, her sexuality, and the fact that she had her own eggs frozen for future use.  In addition, we appeared on such popular British TV Shows as Oh S—t I'm 30 and Sketch My Life.

So, what's the verdict--you decide.

Was Instagram the wisest method of announcing Hartridge's passing to her fans?