Zara Naeem topper of ACCA and her goals regarding her future

source: brecorder

Zara Naeem, a Pakistani teen, took first place in the international ACCA exams in December 2020.

She is an undergraduate at the SKANS School of Accountancy in Lahore and she was one of 527,000 students from 179 countries who took part in the exam. Zara Naeem has received widespread acclaim, including from the Pakistani government, which acknowledged and praised her achievements on its social media pages.

After the declaration of the results, Naeem has been strongly making headlines, with people wishing her well and sending blessings on her social media page.

My father helped me a lot

Zara Naeem has expressed her gratitude to her father for providing her with the knowledge, appreciation, and support she needed to achieve this goal. She also said that her father pushed her to work hard, which helped her to achieve success. Zara called her dad a "hero" in a social media post on Instagram. Her dad, who was an officer in the military, was a major source of inspiration for her.

Zara intends to launch her own company in the future. She believes that by succeeding, she will be able to gain the interest of foreign companies and customers.

Government Honored Zara

On the official Twitter accounts different government officials congratulated her on her performance. “Zara Naeem Dar has become the pride of the country by topping the ACCA exams around the world,” said Shibli Faraz, Minister of Information and Broadcasting.”

After that, Asad Umar, the Federal Minister of Planning and Development, stated, "I keep saying this… Give Pakistani girls an equal chance and they can take on and beat the best in the world. Proud of #ZaraNaeem and wish her the best in her future goals.”

Senator Faisal Javed Khan said, "Congratulations Zara Naeem on scoring the highest marks in the Financial Reporting exam for all ACCA students and getting declared as a global champion."

Her friends also celebrated her victory

Her faculty in SKANS School of accountancy also congratulated her on her achievement. “Student of SKANS School of Accountancy #ZaraNaeem broke the world record by achieving the highest marks in Financial Reporting of ACCA examination. We congratulate the whole of Pakistan for our student mega achievement."

Family background

She spoke about her elder sister's equally competitive career in Gender studies and her middle sister's equally competitive career in Business studies in her interview, despite being from a military background and being the youngest of three siblings. Her father is a military officer, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom.

Her motive behind choosing ACCA

Zara expressed her motivation for choosing ACCA. “ACCA was a natural choice for me. Most military families move every few years, so I always knew I needed a qualification that ensures flexibility and offers global mobility. With over 527,000 students in nearly 179 countries studying and sitting the same exams, ACCA is the best option for those who wish to go places.”