Zoom is introducing a new SDK to help developers access video services

Another obvious sign of a burning platform is where the company introduces services that use its tools to other engineers.

source: https://ibb.co/JHffmH3

Zoom has been doing that for some time by introducing Zoom Apps last year and Marketplace to distribute and sell these apps. Today, the company has introduced a new SDK (software development kit) to help developers embed Zoom video services within another application.

"Our Video SDK enables developers to use Zoom's industry-leading HD video, audio, and collaborative work to build video-based applications and desktop experiences across traditional networks," wrote Zoalie's Nomalie Mullin on the blog announcing the new SDK.

If you want to embed a video in your app, you can try coding it yourself, or you can just use the Zoom technique in this area and use the SDK to add video to the app and save a lot of time and effort.

The company sees app developers incorporating video into social, sports or commercial applications where incorporating video can improve user experience. For example, a store owner can show a variety of outfits to an online consumer in a live video feed, and discuss their preferences in real time.

Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson said the SDK is actually part of a wide range of tools designed to help developers use the entire developer tool a company has been building in recent years. As part of that pressure, the company is also announcing a central developer site.

"We want to be able to have one point where developers can go to learn about all the tools and resources they find on the Zoom platform for their development work, so we are launching developer.zoom.us as the center for all developer resources," he said. Ittelson.

In addition, the company said it wants to give developers more information on how people use Zoom features in their applications, so they will be providing a new statistics dashboard with usage statistics.

“We added additional tools and actually provided engineers with analytical dashboards. So people who have run Zoom ecosystem applications can see the details of the use of those apps across the platform, ”said Ittelson.

He believes that these tools combined with the new SDK video and existing tools will give developers various options to build Zoom functionality in their applications, or embed their application in Zoom as they see fit.